Buff Myztero

I’d gladly swap 6 tabards for your Myz…

Give strength to the rare.
And you won’t break our raid buttons.
Why didn’t this one make it on the buff list?

I think memorizing ailments of himself,
And nearby enemies!
Would be an exciting twist.


K. So I’ve had coffee. This doesn’t change the point that you are making, but I figured I’d update it.

In the October ToL there will be 29 past HOTM - 4 featured and 25 not featured. The odds have been updated in the Oct rebalancing. Featured at 1.3% and not featured at 0.9%. So 0.9% / 25 gives 0.036% chance of a specific not featured HOTM. Myz odds same at 0.1%.

Still super freaking rare and remarkably niche in how he would work with a full team. I say that as one lucky enough to pull him and am currently leveling him. Seems like a fun hero to play with but the fact that the innate ability = the special skill is lame. Give me an innate ability to resist SOMETHING. Memorize from adjacent as @Pompitous suggests. Or cleanse as @Ignatius commented.


I agree with you. I’ve pulled two myztero’s! I’d gladly trade him. I have him with emblemed and he’s still weak. For a hero with such rarity - he should be dar more powerful than he is. But since he’s so rare - not many people have him and therefore he won’t get enough people ■■■■■■■■ to buff him.

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Yes please buff Myztero, what’s the point of adding a hero that counters the current meta of tell, vela, and grave if that hero DOESNT COUNTER THE META. And even when the meta does pass, he would still probably be one of the worst 5* hero’s. Please give him a buff

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The biggest difference is utility.

Lady Loki far outshines myztero. I have had rounds where he never has anything to fire back at the opposing team… because he Himself has to be hit by the ailment.

Often times he fires back with one, sometimes two ailments. His impact on the opposing team is often negligible… and it shows over a series of attacks.

It’s ok to have some lame five star heroes… but this is just poorly designed and wasted on a super rare hero.

Lady Loki can get hit by more than Myztero, but she will not send things back to all. A Joon blind will only go back to one hero, a GM burn will go back to 2 or 3 heroes. Myztero may get hit by less ailments but all of them will go back to all enemies. Also, Lady Loki’s ailments will live out their natural duration depending on at which point she triggered her special. Myztero will send all ailments at full duration.

They are different, with some areas where Lady Loki is better and some where Myztero is better. I think it evens out.

Not sure I understand. Her special is

  • Takes all dispellable status ailments from all allies and randomly casts them on all enemies.
  • Deals 150% damage to all enemies.
  • Deals additional 8% damage per allocated status effect, up to 278% damage in total.

Myztero hits back 107% damage and usually not much else. And this is where his speed works against him… with very fast you don’t have any ailments to send back. Although he can memorize five ailments, he can’t survive to send that many back.

It would be different if he was designed as a tank with slow or very slow speed mana which would work better in his favor.

The overall feedback from users is overwhelming clear… this hero is POORLY designed… not fun to use nor useful. Terrible ideation for a ultra rare hero.


I was saying that Lady Loki sends back whatever ailments your team currently has, for whatever duration is left on them. So wider coverage, but less duration, and less targets.

Myztero has less coverage, but he sends back all ailments he memorises to all opponents, for full duration. Much bigger impact

You don’t need to fire him straight away. His very fast speed gives him extra flexibility and you extra options, but you can hold off.

His defense and health stats don’t look bad. With emblems he will have high survivability. Have a Grazul or a cleanser to protect him and he will do an amazing job. Lady Loki is no different - she is a super powerful weapon but won’t survive unless you have good support heroes keeping her alive.

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I think Myztero is far inferior to other heroes when it’s not fit for the defense team. Any other hero can be used for both defense and attack (even Thoth!), And Myztero needs skills that shine in defense.

-memorize the status ailments received by all allies.
-Additional 24% damage per memorized status ailments.
-All allies recover 80 HP per memorized status ailments.
-Change mana speed from v-fast to fast.
-Change the basic status to Defense> HP> Attack.

I’ve. Been using him fully leveled. He’s definitely wimpy. Sucks.


Yep, same. He isn’t good as is.

Also very much on the ‘buff myztero’ train. He needs a slight tweak. Maybe memorize nearby allies, or give him a cleanse. Or possible just fix that terrible damage output. Currently unusable and a waste of tabs sadly. Has a lot of potential to be a fun hero!

I agree with the buff mystero train. I also believe a hero should be able to be used on both offense and defense. He is currently absolutely unuseable on defense. He has to take all of the status ailments before he can use them so the fight is lost before he can be used. Since most damage status ailments are over time he only destroys the entire enemy team after his 2nd or 3rd time firing his special.

I think if he never forgot, but still used the 5 most recent ailments he received, and was made fast or maybe even average speed he would be more balanced and useful on defense and not insanely op on offense. (He would still have to survive to fire his special a 2nd or 3rd time, which takes time.)

As he is, I own him, and I absolutely will never use him on defense. After reading this i might consider building a special GTV breaking raid team around him, but I will only use tabards on him after all other 5*s heroes i can useon defense… in other words probably never.

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