Buff Myztero

I decided to respond to this earlier piece.

For this team to work well it ideally should go up against 2 DOT dealers, and preferably 3 ailment dealers in total. Going up against less puts me in a position where I have to rely on a very lucky board and this takes the control out of my hands, which also removes the enjoyment. I don’t have any heavy hitters so the team relies entirely on the judo concept. That is how it hsa been designed, as an advanced niche team. It would be stupid for me to go up against non minion teams using my Skadi or Grimble minion counters. Similarly this team has to play to its wheelhouse. I have never claimed it is a jack of all trades team.

Winning 90% out of 10 matches that are played in the niche of this team with 10 or 20 skipped (or whatever the figure is) is entirely valid. I don’t believe most people don’t skip. And even those who don’t skip - most WILL NOT USE THE SAME TEAM FOR ALL MATCHUPS. It is not in any way twisting the truth to suit the agenda, it is showcasing how this team performs against the teams it was designed to perform against. Which I will mention again there are plenty to choose from in the war opponents we face off against.

Going back a bit further and looking at your argument that his VF speed is not an advantage at all - that cannot be further from the truth, now that I have had a chance to really test him out against different opponents. It becomes particularly pertinent against Bera tanks and Tel tanks. With the former if he loads up quickly he can nullify Bera early on and apply some 300 poison damage against everyone and be in a position to charge up against for the flanks. Against the latter if he loads up quickly he can cast the -24% mana reduction which gives a large breathing room for him and everyone on your team to charge up to face the flanks. Does he fire multiple times? Usually, yes. I keep firing him off when it makes sense, and hold the special when that makes sense.

Like in this one:

I held him for 2-3 turns, and wasted 3 purple tiles… but so what? Strategic timing of the special was spot on for enhancing his special to secure the win. And this is a large part of what makes this an actual puzzle, and actually makes it a fun game. And one I feel in control of, and where I can identify wrong moves and learn from them, rather than blaming tiles.

I have Myztero emblems at 20, I use it in monocolored Mytztero Bera Alfrike Kunchen Seshat all 20 emblems and I assure you that it holds and deals damage to all enemies.

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The last one in this series of 3 is of particular interest. Looked like I was a gonner… but the Bera poision + GM burn to all, at very fast… that is enough to win it a lot of the time.
Of course everyone in the team plays a part - Zocc stops Frigg from killing everyone, C Rig heals and gives an oomph to the punch to help finish it, Lady Loki revives and gives a good C Rig boosted whallop and Noor is sole survivor at the end to finish it off. I’m proud of all of my band of misfits

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If anyone agrees with buffing Myztero please vote! These comments are great. Thank you all!


Myz needs a slight buff, like extra +55% damage vs yellow, 2 turns -54% defense against dark, double damage if enemy HP is higher than 50%, steals enemy buffs (that are memorized) or something creative like reverses enemy buff…


It baffles me how often the word worthless is thrown around in these forums.

He is far form worthless. He is a very effective, strategic, and fun hero against an ailment heavy defense

Similar. Equally powerful. But actually very different in their implementation

Wow. What is the point in invoking a god mode cheat in the game? Doesn’t seem like much fun.

As it stands he is at the least equivalent to Lady Loki. This would put him as far above Lady Loki as Lady Loki is above Gormek.

There’s plenty of overboard quotes available for cherry-picking.

For folks that are curious about the hero,
This quote:

Is by far the most accurate!

I miss this guy…:

Fix/Buff Boss Wolf please

9 posts on the subject! He didn’t flood how amazing his Boss Wolf was. All you had to do was look, and you could often see him there in the top 100.

Ender was a man of action!

And even he noted, in the end…how the new releases (Malosi) nerfed his hero.

This Secret Hero however…was born with more dependency issues than any other hero in the game. All dependency does is compound timing issues.
And doesn’t hold a candle to the past or present shooting stars, let alone the ones yet to make impact

Myztero has a dependency on a cleanser or blocker, to be optimal.

Skadi has a dependency on a defense down hero to be optimal.

Frida, Panther, Evelyn are great heroes but without a follow up special in the same color they are

as they become totally dependent on tiles.

Skadi, Frida, Panther, Evelyn are some of the best heroes in the game. A lof of the best heroes in the game are reliant on a support cast to be the best heroes in the game.

Myztero’s is no different.

I count 1. Unless you are referring to being dependent on being hit - that is not a dependency, that is part of his special mechanics? He will always be hit by an AOE. He will be hit by a hit-3 60% of the time. And he wll be hit by a hit-1 20% of the time. It is no different to any of the other gambling mechanisms in the game, with a higher reward (Morgan special *5, anyone?) that matches the lower chance of each “tier”

Keep going, there’s more.
Don’t leave out defense allies to help him drag out those ailments. Don’t forget dispel so he can get his ailment to sink in…

The biggest problem with Buff threads is how they become a personal attack on someone’s new toy. Especially someone who had their mind made-up before they even got the hero!

It’s why:

besides a couple bomb droppers
There is still no one asking to make Myztero OP…


This is generic and applies to every hero. So we are still on 1 dependency.

Looking at the facts it seemed crazy to me that people were not getting value out of him. Using him has reinforced that thinking. I didn’t have my mind set and if he turned out as bad as people think he is I wouldn’t keep using him and stripping other heroes to emblem him

Interestingly through a war slump his ailment reversal team has been the only team to.consistently get wins

I had no personal stake in this. The whole thing was an experiment for me. It just irks me that some people may not be getting use out of a very fun and effective hero because others don’t know how to use him or don’t want to spend the time to find out

There it is! Yes we’re too dumb and lazy :joy:. And you cracked the code!

We just monitor wasted tiles while he sits there charged and opted for a different option that can fire instead of wait for the requirements to be met.

We don’t all reroll so often. And have to choose efficiency when fighting up top.


One last time for the curious:

:point_up_2: is spot on!

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If I can use him effectively, anyone can. If they aren’t… well the logical answer is they have enough of a roster to not bother figuring out how to use him or to give him enough emblems. Or their playstyle is more aligned to bang bang heroes than tactical heroes.

I didn’t find I was waiting much at all. I would often fire quickly to counter Bera or Tel and then charge him up again to counter the flanks. If there weren’t enough tiles for both then he would typically be ready just in time for the flanks.

I really don’t know why you harp on this point. He is not a Finley that is interchangeable into any configuration. Do you take a Skadi where there are no minions? No. Do you take a Mitsuko where there are no blues? No. Do you take a Lady Loki or Myztero where there are not 2+ ailment dealers? No. I played a bit without skipping, adjusting teams as I went. God a good record, it’s not too hard “fighting up top”. But if you don’t want to change teams each match, if you enjoy playing a certain team that has a niche, then yes you will skip.

It is too offensive, given there are actually much weaker and less impactful heroes than him. Thoth Amun, Perseus, Zulag, Ruben, Boss Wolf to scratch the surface of non S1 heroes that deserve a buff. He doesn’t deserve it or need it.

I suppose that’s a two-way street don’t you think? You also play the harp

Anyway you should find out!

Here’s a challenge for you:

Go to the top 100.
For someone that is playing 2+ years and spending money and loses 5 out of 100 matches.
Honestly I don’t know with all that how you’re not permanently in the top 10, but I digress.

Go to the top 100. Once your there, THEN start recording!

Like this:

There’s really only 1 rule.

Don’t reroll!

When Uclapack pops up. Fight her! Don’t run away. you are in there by the way @Uclapack Fight everyone up there! Play 10 matches and see how many you win.
You will have to adjust your team to do this. This is playing at the highest competitive level.

In that video :point_up_2: I won 8 out of 10. The two losses I earned outright by packing Ursena and Mits on the same team. I knew better and just slipped…

But give it a go man! Taste competition in it’s highest form. You might like it and start developing teams in a different way.

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My defence roster keeps me at around 2500-2550. I get to around 2700 by the time flags run out - at which point I lose 100-300 cups when I log out. I don’t spend money on raid flags, I only use raid flasks that I have won and only when filling chests

What is this challenge going to prove? My E&P skills? Depth or my roster? It won’t prove anything about Myztero because I won’t be using him for the most part.

I don’t usually walk away from challenges but I am curious what you want to see out of it

Also - being snippy just for the sake of being snippy? You know full well I have never claimed to have a 95% win record

I won’t see anything. And it doesn’t prove anything either.
It’s nothing more than an experience.

One that made shed light for you!
About using so-called win-ratios to bolster an argument. But your right about Myztero. You won’t use him very much…

What is so-called about win-ratios? In his niche the win-loss ratio is proven. Outside of his niche I won’t use him because it doesn’t make sense.

How about I concede that Myztero is not suitable for top-10 in the world raiding?

You’ve asked a question a couple times:

I can’t tell you and it doesn’t seem to matter even if I could. There’s no harm in seeing it for yourself. I bet you would do well, your a good player. It doesn’t take a ton of raid pots… and it definitely adds perspective.

No. I don’t think I’m the snippy type.

Please don’t take me out of context

Instead of having fun and enjoy the process. :tipping_hand_man:t2::joy:

Here you go

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