Buff Myztero

He’s doing the accumulated math…when they’re NOT featured. That isn’t accurate because you can just wait until they’re featured and pull them. Mystero has the toughest summons rate.

Yeah, but that’s fuzzy logic. Just wait until they are featured and try for that hero. Mystero is never “featured”.

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I agree, Myztero is the hardest percentile tier to pull of a selected chance. Feature/Non-features/Additional summon I dont think someone should break out a non-featured divided by getting the 1 specific as it would still be a 1% chance of hitting that specific odds while Myztero will always by .1% for the mystery additional summon.

1/ Cleanse himself.

2/ Memorize status effects on all allies (not just himself).

3/ Deals additional 10% damage per Dark shield on the board, up to 200% damage in total.
All Holy enemies get -8% defense, and a further -4% decrease per each Dark shield on the board for 3 turns, up to -44% defense.


And maybe a passive power or 2?

Well, I got him out of the 6 pulls I did this month.

Time to prove that he is good… or eat my words!


Mine is sitting at 3.70 so I am eager to see if you can find how to make this hero good…

I have it, level 10 is very weak. I regret the lost tabarts

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He’s just not good no matter how I try to use him. Sometimes I’ll use him in the wars but he’s just a disappointment overall. Oh well. We move on.


My maxed one never leaves the bench…he’s just not reliable enough to use over other heroes.

All I can say is he is the hardest hero to pull with a 0.1% chance while all other heros have had higher percentages.

He does need a buff. I have him maxxed, love him, know how to use him and yet he isn’t a stand alone hero and needs outside assistance to truly shine. He doesn’t need much but a self cleanse/heal boost to damage would help out, compared to all the other new heros (Finley, Jabberwocky, Killhare, Krampus, Francine, Season 4, and new villian heros) he is very underwhelming.

I’ll agree with your 3rd point that I was super excited to pull him.


I think the biggest issue here is that he would be really easy to fix, in a lot of ways, they just won’t do it. I don’t even want any other effects, I just want the memorize to be any ailment to any ally, and most importantly, never forget them. That last part is what makes his very fast speed an advantage. Once you kill the tank, if you can ghost tiles you can apply the ailments over and over again. THAT is a super rare, very fast special. And they don’t even need to really alter the idea or the “spirit” of his special.


And they can get rid of the damage if they want. As much as I enjoy pillow fights, it really isn’t all that useful against heros that have, like 1200 defense after troops and emblems.

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I do wish SG would do something with him. They keep needing the likes of Odin, Frigg, Telluria and Vela(All of whom I generally agree with), but you have this super rare hero that nobody who has him wants to use. Great opportunity to improve the game for SG


Maybe we can all wait for his costume and spend 300k gems average chasing it to bring him up to a point where most people view him as usable.

I summoned him on a free coin (have never spent gems on the awful odds in tol as I’d rather a new car than get gm or any other hotm I’ve missed) and he will be maxed if I get 3 d blades before I get any better heroes. I would use him paired with grazul and possibly c rigard vs a team of mostly ailment dealers (the old gtv teams you don’t see much any more)

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LOL… SGG doesn’t bother to fix these glaring issues… instead they will drop new costumes for gravemaker etc so people drop more money.

I am so bummed by SGG


You will use for a few attacks… and then get annoyed by how unplayable he is.

How’s them words taste ? Just kidding, I am bitter I bothered to ascend him

I’ve just got him to 3rd tier… patience! Unfortunately I wont be able to emblem him yet as I have frigg and musashi and zocc as rogues. I’m actually thinking to run him with lady loki which I suspect not many have done

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That does sound interesting.

Guessing the thinking is that Lady Loki does the initial cleanse by throwing back and then once the ailments wear off Myztero throws and they all get reapplied with full turns from him?

Are you thinking a sustainability team with minion spawners to help Myztero stay alive due to having to hold him turns till after Loki wears off? Thinking sounds like it could be a fun 3-1-1 with Freya, Myztero, Bera, Mica, Lady Loki?

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