Buff Myztero

Myztero the player with the 0.01% .YOU must give to him dispell bufs for him self or for all alies.THEN IS A 0.01% PLAYER

I completely agree. I thought I was super lucky to pull him but in his current state he is useless. He is nothing more than a needlessly rare hero. Something that hard to get should be at least usable. Great concept but is not executed well without a major buff not sure he will do anything more than collect dust in my hero list.


Do you mean cleanse here?

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I mean dispell bufs from allies.like zikimtha.Or dispell him self and the 2 nearest heroes


It doesn’t matter, he just needs a buff. CLEANSE would be better because there aren’t any heroes besides Kunchen doing that job in the dark category. But seriously, he needs a higher attack than 110% or something else. ANYTHING WOULD BE NICE!!!


You mean like Rigard (or costume)… or Domitia Costume? Both have Cleanse as part of their ability.


Yeah, Rigard is a 4 star and Domitia doesnt cleanse, she dispells from target and nearby

Domitia Costume:


I was just offering information.

You said “There aren’t any heroes”; was just pointing out that there were two other Dark Heroes who are more than usable in Raids, wars etc… that also do cleanse.

To answer your question; no I do not own Myztero… I haven’t been lucky enough (or rich enough) to summon him… I did however extensively play with him in Beta Testing…

I agree that he is very underwhelming for a hero who has a 0.1% chance of summoning.

No need to be rude.

And as a FYI there are also two more Purple Heroes who Cleanse but I’ll let you find them… Hint; they’re 3* heroes.


It was supposed to say many not any

I dont feel the need to debate semantics. It isn’t making myztero any better. He still sucks


Yeah, why not request that Myztero not only cleanses status ailments to allies allies, but also dispels buffs to all enemies. Also, increase his attack, defense and health stat to at least 1500 each. Also, make him hit all with 1000% damage. Also, he debuffs all enemies attack and defense by 99% and their health reduced by 50% while allies health is boosted by 500%.

Yeah, you request them, too.


Not sure what you are commenting @ me for on this

What I am suggesting is, if you request to buff a hero because of your opinion of how crappy they are, wish or request it like you’ve never wished it or requested it before.


Myztero is just an in-house joke for SGG. No matter what is going wrong in their personal lives, no matter how horrible, the fact that people pay hundreds if not thousands chasing a very substandard hero is something they can always call upon to make even the most darkest end-of-all-times days much, much brighter through the magic of laughter! If laughter is the best medicine, the laughter they must have at us could surely cure cancer!

I’d like to see Myztero at least memorise all ailments applied to any allies. And to have as part of their innate ability a 50% reduction to any damaging ailments for self. And perhaps part of the special is Myztero gets an ailments-only version of taunt for a couple turns.

P.S. @Geppetto.gr you mean dispell ailments not dispell buffs in your request. Buffs are GOOD things for allies. Ailments are the bad things for allies. :slightly_smiling_face:


As far as I know, Myztero is just a bonus draw. BONUS. Same with the HOTMs on their respective months of release. And we all know that not all HOTMs are that well loved compared to other HOTMs. Maybe it would be the same with the Secret Heroes. We are just not yet sure whether new Secret Heroes will be introduced soon.


I tell only for cleanse .I dont care about higher attack.Disppell buff from all allies is the only need the myztero.Only cleanse nothing else

You ask a cleansing ability for a very fast hero. That by itself is a tall order. Myztero would be OP and this forum will be flooded how bad Taverns portal really is, much more getting the hero at 0.1% probability. And when you’re trying to wish for rainbows and unicorns for your birthday, why not include those I have mentioned?

Again, he is just a bonus draw. A freebie when you are summoning for some other past HOTMs. This is not an ala-carte restaurant to cater your needs and wants. The game is offering the Secret Hero similar to some establishments offering a complimentary drink or fortune cookie or a free massage. Again, a freebie. If you don’t like the hero, feed him to your Balthazar and make a video out of it. Everyone will be happy.


I KNOW that but when u have a very rare hero they must have something more.Myztero with cleanse its very good player .I make a suggestion.Inever speak about nerf for any heroe ( i almost have all heroes at game) I said what myztero must have

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Nope. Sorry. I won’t vote for it. Getting an extra legendary hero in Myztero as a bonus draw at the cost of one summon is already too much. And you want to buff him more by including in his skillset the ability to remove status ailments to his allies? I repeat. This is a tall order. Try going to a chinese restaurant and when you are given a free fortune cookie, ask the waiter if they can give you some free sandwich, too.