Buff Myztero, he doesn't even have a [useful] family bonus

the same as stated in title.

Myztero is too disappointing to be so rare … a power adjustment is a must. Myztero is too good a hero to be forgotten


Agree! I don’t have him, but with those odds he should be AMAZING!


Myztero is broken as is. Sorry.

Myztero a power adjustment is a must


20 characters of agree


Myztero is one of the most disappointing heroes. The extremely low odds of getting him creates more hype and excitement for when he is pulled. But unfortunately, one quickly realizes (after pulling him) how underwhelming he is. If one day someone invents a way to measure disappointment, I bet myztero is the hero that has caused the most disappointment


All of you should prepare to be lectured by a spender, who announced in advance his sole intention is to "prove you wrong" before he even pulled Myztero.
He will show you a Secret Hero that has been fed mats, emblems and LB.
Then you will see:

  • An exploit with Echoes of Pain.

  • Many wasted tiles while Myztero sits charged

You will not get to see:

  • How many rerolls were used previous to the recording.

  • Any losses before or after the recording.

It’s a great and vivid display for the current state of balance. SG and player’s alike do not care about exploits when they are used offensively. They prefer balance be something that is… at this point… just a made-up word.

So feel free to feed your Secret Hero mats, emblems and LB so that he can survive a hit from Quintin
…when that rarely happens.

Or… you can invest in a more available dark hero that works on a wide variety of defenses more efficiently.
You also have that option.

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exactly the reason why he’s been sitting at 3/70 since I got him


The following is hyperbole, but the point remains:

Say I have this hero, let’s call him “Mistakeo” with a special skill that deals 1200% DAMAGE TO ALL!!! (If all of the following conditions are met, or else he deals 35% damage to all):
-current day starts with a letter T
-the temperature in Paris is less than 20C
-is paired with 4 heroes, each with hp greater than 1600
-is fired on an odd turn number (turn 1,3,5, etc)
-is fired when he has less than 1000 hp
-facing a team which has at least one hero with an odd number of letters in its name

Personally, I’d call him useless.

Some people might say he “shines” if you “know how to use him” and use “strategy” such as holding the special until the “right time to fire”

Maybe I’m crazy, but I factor in how versatile and how many different scenarios I’m able to use a hero in when I decide how “useful” he is. Heroes that “have a niche, if you know who to pair him with” is becoming just another way of saying a hero sucks in most situations.

Now, does that mean every hero needs to be “easy to use” and “OP” in every situation? No, it doesn’t.

Can a hero be at a such a useless level that he could buffed to a point (where he is more valuable in more situations) without being overly “easy to use” and “OP” in every situation—-yes.

But whatever, go ahead and tell me how great myztero is.


I had 3 of them till Soul Exchange came along. Holding out hope on the one I kept he will be buffed. Doubt it happens as no money in it for SG.

My suggested buff is this:

:up: Deals 125% damage to all enemies.
All status ailments memorized by the innate ability are cast to all enemies.
:new: If no status ailments memorized have been memorized, deals twice the amount of damage to all enemies.


That buff sounds too good to be true.

@FraVit93 It would be excellent, it would be in line with the other very fast heroes. I have 1 and it’s at 3/70 waiting for an improvement to be definitely viable.


I don’t even know who that is and I agree with you.

I’m a long time F2P player who managed to land Myztero. My roster is quite limited, so I’ve found uses for him in most wars, but it takes a specific target team and even then I often think I would be better served with a cleanser like c. Rigard.
I would put him as better than vanilla S1 heroes and the low end HoTMs but that’s about it-which is just silly given that he is the super secret prize of tavern. He definitely needs a buff.


yes please buff Mr. Oreo. sg can use the metrics or whatever to see how many owners actually levelled or use him.

@FraVit93 what do you think about the buff to 157%?

@Hu23 your thoughts on Myztero’s buff?

@Marceloo enough for you to pull the trigger on ascension?

Anyone else care to share if they think the buff was enough?

I don’t think this was the buff anyone really wanted, but it may be enough to make him viable against teams where you don’t know his memorize is going to kick in (ie the ailments are not hit all). We’ll see.

@ProfessorPenguin To be honest, 157% attack is still not enough, but it’s a start. For Mystero to be truly desired his attack buff should be at least 280% or 300%, have a family or temporarily copy that of the most recent ally. If there are new changes to it I will be leveling to 4/80 and breaking the limit.