Buff Morgan Le Fey

There’s a [Buff Anzogh] thread so…
Why leave his little sister out?!?
She’s so buried in dust that people ask:

Increase Stats…
increase Speed…
hit-3 rather than 1 target
and your new creeps will still be stronger.

I know there are plenty of brand new forum accounts that double as "old timers"
But seriously… does anybody out there remember war… when the entire enemy team was dead save a terrifying, lone MLF on the wing, that would continue to eat flags?!?

Dust is the fate of every card we own?

Food for S.E. ?

Or… do we hold on to our antiquated faves in case a costume is released that we still won’t have access to?

Or will the Devs respect the true old timers,
Their long term customers…
And deliver genuine balance updates rather than buff up under preforming new portals and discourage the very idea of developing a roster…
It requires too much resource and TIME to endure this form of creep mode

Hit 3 or make the leech considerably stronger (1000+ base)

her current leech is too low even with emblems and LB
also monks can make it useless and they weren’t there when she was released


My suggested buff is this:

Morgan Le Fay
:new: Dispel all buffs from the target.
The caster drains 672 HP from the target over 4 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled, but gets removed if this caster dies.
The caster gets +94% defense against Fire for 4 turns.


Let me get this straight: Her special skill is unique. There has not been a second hero in this game who drains HP like her. She deserves some love!

My suggestion:

  • increase the drain 672 HP → +1000HP
  • share a small amount of drained HP for all allies
  • the target cannot receive any healing for 4 turns

One of those 3 would be fine. But all 3 would not make her op tbh


please buff morgan le fey

my suggestion is
the caster drains 1000 HP from the target and 672 HP to nearby enemies
Recover 40% health for all allies. Health can exceed max HP

mana speed average

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The biggest issue I have with her is that she does absolutely nothing for her teammates, while hitting like a wet sock. Make her less selfish!

These old drain hp heroes have not aged well, I encourage a buff :four_leaf_clover:

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Probably my fav hero I never got… original Avalon was crafted to the lore fairly well…pretty sure grandma Morgan get pancaked these days in the buff or not

Leech is dreadfully underpowered, and strategic — which doesn’t work around napalming super clone #91 that just rolled off the assembly line; pulling the old unbuffed chase heroes hits the nostalgia these days, not so much the power…

Any buff needs to account for the play style change, not just jiggling her stats and calling it done.


Nerfed or not…
M&M’s fate
Is the same as MLF!

Only too soon
With the current pace!

And people pay a fortune for that