Buff Misandra

This is exactly the only situation i think is perfect for Misandra: back up team togheter with Ariel in a 3-2 stack.
They work well togheter, and Ariel is a great hero.
But that’s literally the only situation i consider her useful.

Another good pair of complementary heroes for example, are Aegir and Raffaele.

Alone they are so and so, but togheter as backup they are great.

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You only meet them on defence. She’s an offensive hero. Anyone using her on defence is new and has a very limited bench or doesn’t know how the game works.

I don’t fear Tarlak at all when i see him on defence. That doesn’t mean he’s a bad hero.

I have a choice of Finley, Magni and Missandra for the fifth spot on my mono blue team and Missandra consistently has Better results and helps with more wins than the other two.

I am not talking about offense/defense but her number of hit. Her number of hit doesn’t differ between offense/defense, right?

And I was responding to this:

I don’t even vote for this… it has 0 vote.

Misandra and Ariel go exceedingly well together on offense.

I had opposite results with my 3-2 blue stack.
Out of Magni, Misandra, Isarnia and Raffaele as third, Misandra is definetely the worse of all of them.

In your 5 mono stack probably attack value is less important (for tile damage), so it may be that.

But even better then Finley?
That’s hard to swallow.

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I think her number of hits when she’s neither on offence or defence is usually 0.

She’s fine as is. With a minimum of two hits she’d be OP. That said, I have 4 more unleveled so yeah, totally 2 hits.

I am not using word “neither” because I am simply not comparing offense/defense.

I am not the one who said that.

1 hit is okay, I am not the one who use her here.

Finley depends on the other team firing and doing damage to me. And he’s most devastating when there are 5 enemies with charges. For me, if I get off to an early start the enemy isn’t charged so I have to either hold him back until the enemy fires and Frida is charged up or forgo a big benefit from his special.

Missandra fires immediately and brings all 5 of my hero’s specials online Including Frida and Ariel, and that lets me devastate a defence without waiting. After my first round of specials enemy teams usually have 2 heros left that are taking Vela drowning damage and I’m at full health with super mana increase… Misandra gets me to that point the quickest.

Trust me, I’m as surprised as anyone. When I pulled Finley I did a Snoopy Dance and power leveled him in a couple days… and while he’s in my defence now, he can’t crack the mono blue A team despite being given several chances.

I started with 1 month of raiding for each set up over 3 months. Misandra won. Then as I’ve emblemed Finley I’ve tried him for a week twice more and Plan one or two more tests ast he gets to lvl 14 and then 18+

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Someone likes Misandra? I know why. They have Ariel or Frida. Ariel with Misandra are good heroes. Frida with Misandra are good heroes. Ariel or Frida without Misandra is a good hero. Misandra without them is nothing. This game is only for people who have Frida or Ariel?


I have quite good results with Misandra and Fenrir. They get charged at the same time at first, and if there are no enemies on the field with less than 50% of health, I activate Misandra first to bring one below 50% health, and that’s a guaranteed kill for Fenrir. Fenrir then becomes very fast and charges with 6 tiles.

If there is an enemy with less than 50% health, Fenrir will finish them and then I activate Misandra, and 40% of the time Fenrir will be ready in 5 tiles instead of 6, making him a very very fast hero.

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Misandra 3/70 is a nice hero. Bringing her up so that she takes the 2nd hit for sure, even at half dmg, would be a great benefit. And then she can take her possible 3rd and 4th hits. Her 2nd hit is at half dmg, right?

I will have to try her in war with Vela 3/70, Ariel 3/70 and Frida +3. For now she definitely needs something and I think the definite 2nd hit is the answer.


Lol…Misandra is a great hero. No need to buff her. She’s even been upgraded to an A+ wing on Anchor’s last grading. Anyone who thinks she sucks is missing something.

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