Buff Misandra

It is necessary to fix the hero Misandra. She is the weakest fast 5 * hero in the game. Kill her 3rd blow with special abilities, guarantee 1st and 2nd blow. And increase the strength of her special abilities by at least 330%

Run Misandra with a pair of Avg Speed blues like Frida and Ariel and see if ya still think she sucks.

With decent mana troops on the slow pokes (average pokes??), once Misandra charges and fires, her mana juju suddenly makes Frida and Ariel ready to rumble - essentially turning them into nearly “fast” heros

I run mono and it usually goes Alice/Vela/Misandra charge up, fire Misandra, Ariel and Frida charge, fire Frida Next and all of a sudden the enemy is vulnerable to blues… and then Alice and then Vela Pounce . That’s usually me up 5 heroes to 3 and on my way to a win.

I’ve tried Finley, Fenrir and Magni in Misandra’s spot and none of those widely appreciated heroes have a higher winning percentage.

It’s about synergy. And speed. Boosting Frida and having a heal ready plus Ariel’s addtional mana boost is a rock solid combo.


Misandra must be fixed. Maybe she will blow, maybe not. Maybe she will boost, maybe not. Random is not useful here.


She’s great as she is - love using her in my blue stack!

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She should hit 2 times at least each time.


Yeah, today I run against a lot of Misandra and most of them fire just once.

Compare her to Finley and… well, at least she won’t kill herself seeing Mitsuko.

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I agree with this sentiment. Misandra is even useful for me at 3/70 doing almost identical here. I have the scopes to ascend to 4th tier, but was holding out in case I got Raffy Taffy. Only a few more days to find out!

Misandra rocks.

The fact that Misandra is behind Raffaele in the priority is a prove that Misandra is bad :rofl:


Agree on this.
2 times is pretty much in line with Magni.

Less then that (most of the time) is quite weak.


Think the love for her comes from offense

Defense, I’ve never found her to be a threat

Some heroes are good for offense, some defense, some both…but as long as they’re not over the top or useless then i feel like they’re fine as is typically

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I’m just saying about the RNG stuff.

Direct mana gains are typically RnG or slow mana though correct?

I don’t understand :roll_eyes:

All I was saying is this day, every Misandra that I meet only hit 1 so I don’t feel their presence.


I’d never considered this, and I consider Misandra to be fine, but OK, you got me. One guaranteed random hit and even a slightly lower chance on the next two is a great idea

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Inari, misandra, Margaret, give direct mana but at RnG

Alberich gives direct mana but he’s slow mana

I could see an argument bein made for misandra bein bumped to fast maybe but if the RnG was removed from her hits at average then her mana mechanic would have to be altered as well

If finley gave mana gains per hit, he wouldn’t be fast and/or his extra hits would be more RnG reliant

I have no argument about misandra extra hit rate on defense seeming bit low, I never worry about her hittin an extra target but from those that speak of her on offense, they act like it’s more consistent there, i have her but she’s 1/1 if i ever take her to 4/80(or install beta again) I’ll have a better idea of how she is on the offense side of the board by experience

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Besides what everyone already input, one little detail I like about Misandra is the fact that she can hit non adjacent heroes when her special proccs aditional hits.

Misandra’s damage is 413% on average, [Research Math] Calculating Misandra’s Chain strike average damage
Almost on par with Magni. She can hits multiple targets while Magni hit one with great damage.

Her second skill is add mana. Pretty usefull for the average mana heroes in your team. She seems to add .5 mana for each hit. So if she hits twice, she will add one tile worth of mana to your heroes. So if you charged her with 3 matches of 3, that’s 9 tiles, average heroes charge in 10 tiles, if she triggers once she will charge the average heroes. 42% of the time she can do that.

There’s two great “mistakes” in that.

First, the “average” hit.
The calculation could be right, but the premise of “almost good as Magni” is wrong.
And that is because if you put your head in the fridge but your feet in the oven, your belly is not at medium temperature.

Same way in 4 different raids, she may hit for once in 3 raids and 4 times in just one.
That one you won basically without damage (even too much easy) and the other 3 you lost.

Use Magni and you have 3 wins (less "perfect) and just one lost.

That’s because the distribution of multiple hits could totally be on an already won raid, and none when you need it (expecially first special of the round).

Then you have the multiple targets effect.
Possibly targeting more then one hero each time is great for status effect skills, but terrible for damage.
Is always better kill one hero ASAP rather then weaken two or three that still can use their specials against you.

As a hero that not apply any status effect, her multiple targets damage is less useful of a sniper like Magni.


I don’t have Misandra but I’ve fought against her plenty of times in raids. She hits like a wet noodle.

Put her in offense next to Frida or another good blue 5* hero and of course she will shine, but that’s because Frida is a great HOTM, not because Misandra is good.

Misandra kind of sucks in my opinion.


I like Misandra. She is fast, and exactly as stated above, many times makes Ariel fast, then Ariel makes everyone fast!
I find Ariel to be quite squishy, so bumping her speed is very helpful.
I run her in a 3 2 setup, with three average heroes, so…any extra mana is good!

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