Buff Miracle Scrolls 📜

Nobody voted for my idea, maybe they will vote for yours.


Ah man…that didn’t even come up in the search. Apologies for the plagiarism

Interesting that we both proposed a very similar HP based percentage.

@Garanwyn @zephyr1 please fold my topic into GryphonKnight’s


I use them regularly. Sometimes on difficult stages the computer attacks the same character over and over and then catches me off guard and kills an important fighter. I dont like using time stops or tornadoes except for titan stages and very, very difficult bosses. When you craft dragon attacks, you short yourself on time stops. On my default attack team (team 1) I equip revive scrolls and all three minor potions. That’s usually all I need

Merged. Thanks! :heart_decoration:


I think the [Stub] in your title may be scaring people off

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I’ve added the scroll emoji @Gryphonknight…I find a little colour helps. Hope that’s ok.


When entire team dies, the miracle scrolls do not work. It just pops up and says defeat, no matter what you do, you cant activate the miracle scroll unless you still have at least one hero still alive.


If it auto-fired when you died and saved you 75 gems it would suddenly make a bit of sense.

Good point.


Your right that’s why it needs to be used as I do just before your last man is about to be killed. Timing is of the essence here to make it worthwhile and you will know by then if your going revive heros to avoid spending the 75 gems.

The problem is, if they make them worthwhile, I might have to research them. And food is at a premium on this base.

Thats how i use them, just before my last hero bites the dust.

SG are mocking me for bumping this thread


You are lucky they did not replace the super antidote and dragon banner for more revive scrolls, that was the original plan.

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That’s exactly what I use them for lol. Atlantis Hard but only when my other healer is charged. I need two healers for those levels so if I lose one I gotta bring him back with a scroll and immediately heal them before they get one-shot back to the grave.

These scrolls can definitely use a buff to make them even remotely useful, they’re like the TC14-18 of battle items.

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Even if they enable auto-application at last hero death that would be welcome.

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So idk if I’ll level up to be able to post about this topic/idea if maybe someone could repost this would be awesome. The miracle scroll that says you can revive all hero’s well you need to make it that instead of the continue option with gems menu that if I have a miracle scroll the option comes up if I wanna use that to revive all my heros, because it says All hero’s not revive 4 out of 5 heros. Yes this is prolly something you’ll find annoying but the first time I learned I couldn’t use the revive scroll when all my hero’s were defeated I wasn’t thrilled either cause I was fighting the end boss of season 1 I believe. I just feel if we have that scroll and it states revive all hero’s that it should do what it states.

Hi @Killercarl4, welcome to the Forum!

There’s actually an existing post in #ideas-feature-requests for this, which I’ve moved your post to. You can vote for the idea at the top of this thread. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much.

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A couple of more points to add, beyond the buffs suggested by Gryphonknight. Increase revive slots from 3 to 5. Increase Miracle slots from 1 to 3. Percentage should be the same as a major, levelled, healer, i.e., 42%. I am not the only one in my alliance that thinks these are a terrible waste of a slot and they are so high up the forge food chain. Reviving a team or a hero, only to have them die on the next hit is basically useless; yes, I realise timing is everything, and you need to have a healer ready to fire, but what if your healer simply isn’t ready to fire? What if your healer is the one who died first? Without such buffs, I think I will continue to go with the lower level stuff and treat these as basically useless. Oh, I did vote, BTW.

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