Buff Miracle Scrolls 📜

[Stub] Buff Miracle Scrolls

I have tried using Miracle Scrolls and they suck. Please buff them.

Manually activate or option to uses (Y/N) when whole team dies.

All allies, alive or revived, get 35% Heal.

Increase battle item slot to 2.

Does anyone use these?

At what level do you find them useful?

On Atlantis hard and the latter stages of events and trials, reviving with 200 HP is next to useless unless you already have a juiced healer or stack of potions ready.

Even the 400 HP of the miracle scroll is weak source.

How about reviving with 30% HP instead?

Then they grow with your team.


Fabulous idea.

I can honestly say I have never used one (except for one miracle scroll in the early days before I knew what was going on), and have never seriously considered taking them

They are simply weak in my view, but I’d love to hear from anyone who uses them regularly and understand why you would use them

Maybe if nobody rates them we could put an alternative into ideas and feature requests? Not even sure 30% is enough to make me use them


Love the idea but yeah, I think at least 50% would be necessary for me to even try to use them. I’ve never once attempted it.


If a hero dies in the moment having his special ability ready to fire.

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Yep I certainly understand that would work, presumably they come back with their mana where it was when they were knocked out?

My point is that you have four slots to fill, and dragon attacks, timestops, mana pots, tornadoes etc etc are all so much better. Even the little green test tubes are more important in some battles - better to not die in the first place!

I do understand how these could be used, I just reckon other items have more utility


Absolutely. I’d happily take a scroll but it never justifies a spot above keeping heroes in the fight in the first place, special abilities or direct damage.

Just used them once upon a time when I started the game just to see how it works. Aren’t worth a slot imo. 30% would lead to a rethink. Nice suggestion.


I agree with you that they need to give percentage of the HP back

@zephyr1 i think this topic need to be moved to the idea section

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I could do that… and you are correct…but the voting system is entirely broken, so I’m rebelling!


:rofl::rofl::rofl: i agree that it looks broken
But we have to follow the rules we dont know they might listen to us one day :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is the only way I’ll use them, since usually on those stages I prefer to bring battle items for the bosses.

Revive scrolls and the Miracle scrolls are usually a last resort for me. If I really need the healing I will bring along potions and more than one healer.

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This is probably the worst item in the game easily . Agreed both scrolls need a buff… They are pretty weak in terms of revitalising and are only best useful with mana pots /heroes with healing .

Atlantis - hard mode… these are practically useless
Good point Mr Bard!


Fine…as it’s your birthday

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I’m using them on 10*, its so sad

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I have to agree a buff for Miracle scrolls might be in order.

The only time I ever used one was finishing season 1 Dark Lord and even then it probably acted more as insurance than real need. I didn’t even have Leonidas at that point,

Otherwise the only other place I may consider them is when I am down to the wire for a rare titan and need to get as close to 30k as possible to ensure my alliance finished it.

As for the amount of buff it needs to be at least 30% given that its base 400hp is sometimes more than 30%, for example a 1200hp 4* would receive 33% straight up from that 400.

TlDr version.
The buff might be nice in future, but amount needs to be discussed.

Final note: Can we please still get that needed alchemy lab before this potential change begins😁.

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:blush::blush: thank you
Now where is my gifts??. :partying_face:
Or moving the thread was it? :thinking:

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I have used them in the past. They are helpful if you feel you may not be able to complete strong levels like the 3 bosses in events although I haven’t needed one for a while now.

They do come in handy and can save you having to purchase the 75gems to complete a level.

I do agree though that they are weak and a 50% HP boost would make them more user friendly.


Nobody voted for my idea, maybe they will vote for yours.


Ah man…that didn’t even come up in the search. Apologies for the plagiarism

Interesting that we both proposed a very similar HP based percentage.

@Garanwyn @zephyr1 please fold my topic into GryphonKnight’s