Buff - Lady Locke

Please buff Lady Locke :pray:

Yes please. Another vote from me

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Also agree she needs a buff, her damage over time takes far too long over 4 turns and is too easily cleansed - particularly since most damage is dealt on the final two turns.

Reducing this to 2 turns will help.


Or simply make it “ can not be cleansed”


I was so sad when I got her to 3/70 and realized she is fragile. I need her cleansing but she dies too fast to use. I considered embleming her and limit breaking her because my greens are so few but I just dont see her surviving enough to be useful.

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I have her from last 4 years but never use her because of her special skills in beginning she was use full but since then lots of great heroes in the game and she seems useless

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Does Anyone else have a design solution for her ?her defence is weak with 665. That need to be over 730. And there needs to be something zombie influences in her special. Like deteriorating the enemy’s change in using their special with increased misses as long as the skull is on them . When cleansed the enemies gets additional damage.

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@Godsugar @Homaclese


Im actually maxing lady locke now i do play differently with certain heros … Like a slow and steady wins the race…
Not sure what buff i would guve her as yet as haven’t had a chance to use her as yet …
PLUS gotta remember a costume is going to be realised for this hero at some point


“Really” 20 characters

is this a reply to something?

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My suggested buff is this:

Lady Locke
:up: Dispels status ailments from all allies.
:up: All enemies receive 869 damage over 4 turns, starting low and increasing with every turn.


Really needs a defense and HP buff. Bad.

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I kinda agree with that, even with emblems she’s to weak in the current meta. Special is fine, but she needs more survivability and I can’t see many people limitbreaking her.

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Imo the damage that increases overtime is a way to balance her back then, as she was one of the highest DOT dealers. So…

Remove the scaling DOT, that is not needed now, especially when heroes like rayne’s DOT is more terrifying than her’s

Of course, increase the DOT. She’ll need to compensate higher DOT for her fragile defences

More unique clerical skills. How about making her the first hero to remove negative stacks?


Lady Lock has a very low health for a 5* in general. Plus pirate family needs a buff it’s one of the weakest families if not the weakest.

With so many new buffed heroes her special skill is almost useless. Give to pirate family and Lady Lock a buff with the ability to immune enemies buffs for three turns.

Expectation: Lady Locke gets baseline buff immunity attached and slightly increased damage.

Reality: SGG release Lady Locke costume with 50% extra damage undispellable DoT, full party dispel and buff immunity. Baseline Lady Locke untouched.

Let’s hope not. If they bring a costume at least they should improve the prototype.