Buff Karnov

To give some more usefulnes for old legendary heroes G. Owl and Karnov (who don’t even have costumes, which are not necessary before other changes), their special skills’ direct damage should be increased!

On modern standards, Karnov’s 290% of dmg on slow is just ridiculously low with only one other effect. It should be increased to at least 330/340% to match newer heroes better.

G. Owl is also very broken, providing only 280% of base dmg (on VERY SLOW mana speed), which isn’t anywhere near enough. His mana speed should either be slow OR his special skill’s stats should be increased some way (mana buff for himself, more dmg?)

Why not costumes? Because the players already owning these heroes wouldn’t benefit from them at all, since they would be challenging to get. Instead, buffing these old heroes works much better, making them a lot more useful against the ridiculously strong S5 and other new heroes.

Yeah, Karnov is indeed silly with his 290% at slow. He was at the moment of his debut, now he’s even more.

I remember when I was starting my game 4 years ago, G. Owl was constantly offended by how bad he was. I don’t want to add him the pain. Since Boss Wolf got some love, the Smart Bird could also have some.

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Hi welcome to the forum … The owl has a topic on them to buff. Iv changed your topic to just karnov

Please vote on that too …


They could make Karnov the purple equivelent of Eset…

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Definetely, too bad neither of these heroes are (planned to be) buffed in v58

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I don’t have Karnov, but I still think he’s a woefully underpowered legendary. He’s not hitting hard, and in terms of utility you’re better off bringing Sergei.

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