Buff Kadilen


I’d like to request SG buff Kadilen’s special to 3 or 4 turns in length.

Here is a link to a related thread with more details on this idea:

Anyone who agrees please like.


Yes please!! She’s a tank but that’s basically it. That buff is gone way too fast to make a difference. I pretty much just count on her to be a shield for the rest.


I second the request. As it is now Kadilen performance is in the ranks of a lesser 4*, not a 5*. Her special damage is very limited, even her critical damage is higher. And her defense against specials should at least be 3 or 4 turns. Her special though very beautiful to look at takes a long time to finish, not practical against titans and in special events, where time is a factor.


I wish ALL specials in Titan/events (including Titan’s special) would have a speed-up variety so you didn’t lose so much time… :confused:


You know you don’t have to wait for the special animation to finish before you can make a move on the board. I click the special and make a move right away


There are some animations where that doesnt work.
Titans special animation for example.


I don’t wait where I don’t have to, but I’m forced to wait for the Titan/enemy.


Nice, the buff for her ‘brother’ Elkanen (and Quintus, but that’s another topic :-)) with the 1.7 update. I still hope you’ll do something for Kadilen next time. I don’t want to have to ditch her for Lianna ;-).


Another way to buff Kadilen would be for her shield to weaken the status effects as well as the initial damage. It’s not Colen’s upfront damage that slays, it’s the slow burn afterwards.

Even still, please increase the shield duration to three turns (or four)!


Thank you for buffing Kadilen :slight_smile: