Buff Jean-Francois (Feb 2020 Hotm)

I also want him to have initial damage.

His card says fast, but we’ll need to wait another turn till he makes any damage. That makes him average in my eyes.


I do think JF is arguably one of the weakest 5* heroes on defense. He does virtually no damage every time I face him simply because Grazul is almost always ready to go before JF is.

I don’t think he deserves to be buffed before other HOTM however. He needs to get in line and wait his turn.

Yeah I agree for a hotm does need a bit of tweaking but new heros coming out in S3 so not top proity! Probably won’t happen! :woman_shrugging::+1:

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Remove his elemental defense buff and make him able to cleanse.

His stats are not meant for tank position, so the elemental buff is pretty useless. Just look at Guardian Kong. And also we already got Wilbur for titan.

Now that Tellie lacks counter, the cleansing will at least make JF more useful in that aspect.


Emblems can turn him into a very good tank tough. If something should change he should see a health/defense boost with a lower attack score while keeping the same damage.


A hero which solely does DoT how would someone emblem him in that scenario? Choosing def over attack? Or choosing DoT increase over sturdiness? Also would lowering his attack mean DoT lowering as well?

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In the case of JF it would be more acceptable to improve the current statistics, with the inclusion of an attack buff of 145% to all enemies and an increase in DoT to 360 damage from burns for 3 turns to all enemies. Only these changes would make it more interesting and in fact make it a respectable Hotm.


yeah but the reason why he sucks on defense is because he only does dot damage, and dot damage is good as ignored when it comes from a defense team. It seems like he was supposed to be a hero for defense teams given the remainder of his special skill.

I think if you did fix him, replacing his dot with immediate damage would be the lowest hanging fruit solution.

still, he is in no way the weakest hotm, far from it. others need a lot more help before this one.

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Give him some initial damage like vela has or some extra turns for dot. Boom. Excelent hero :smiley:


Dear Developers, PLEASE make Jean F. more effective. Right now he is inferior to Vela as he doesn’t deal direct damage. His burn DOT is weak, and lasts only two turns. As a season 3 hero, he is inferior to Gravemaker that made a short appearance at the start of S1. Suggest: 1) Make JF very fast; 2) add direct damage 3) Extend burn damage turns. Make this hero awesome as his anticipation had led many to believe he would be. He is a neutered hero in his present state! Thank you!


Theres so much wrong. I don’t know where to begin.


I dont have JF but and I am thinking he needs a little tuning.


Margaret and Atomos come to mind. Not to mention Quintus. :wink:


Not everyone here has Grazul. I for one doesn’t have Grazul.


JF is quite underwhelming for me because i don’t find his spot yet.

  • In def is very easy to beat. As a tank dies easily and as support is easy to work around Jim.

  • In attacks he doesn’t have a real impacto on the right and needs some turns to do some damage. I find It quite situacional.

I have one at 3/70 and not thinking on ascent him.


If he will on emblems, and backed Telluria with Vela - pretty combo))) Like 250 DOT damage per turn. And Telluria’s mana slow.

Vela-Telluria-JF(or GM) is most powerful defence combo in game now) If JF will buffed, it will be more devastating)


Yes combo all dot with Telluria and Vella not only JF will be devastating.
Drake Fong, Ursena , Clarissa (if she stay like that ), Finley will also make check mate. The things is not everyone can pull for every HOTM to get that set of Defense.
And SG must think about how to prevent that ultimate Defense . Like ICE dot will reduce Fire dot , Holly and Purple as well ( imho)
Not buff him only because he will be pairing with OP heroes not fair for him.
If he is not good buff him a bit.
If he is good , SG can ingnore the suggestion as well. Like every vote , we give our opinion , maybe that subjective or objective, so the collective opinion can give more data bout this heroes to buff or not buff in future.:wink:

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I have Telluria, JF, and Vela, all got from only 10 pulls (telly from 20 Valhalla pulls for Mist).

So I plan to do this combo as my 1st 5* defence along with Sartana and Marjana, after I finally got mats)

Why you want to nerf this defence setup?

It’s never too late for you guys to start a buff JF campaign.
Although a C2P/F2P, I was actually against the idea of nerfing JF when he still in beta as I am afraid SG might overdone it. We don’t want another Neith. Yet, few beta testers went ahead and veto his beta stats saying he was too OP. kinda’ cowards act…lol.
Look at him now, with no initial damage, JF is almost hopeless on defense. The only advantage was his synergy with Vela, Kadilen and few other fast AOE hitter on offense.

The damage is done. They never learn from Neith aka past experience. SG listen to the idea of nerfing JF but with so many inputs, they probably nerf him randomly, just like the random loot box.

This is a board game. No matter how strong the hero is, the board always had the final say.


The obvious option which was mentioned prior to release was add a turn to the DoT at the same rate of damage which then forces the other team to cleanse or else suffer truly important damage. That alone would take him back up among the top echelon of heroes.

Don’t touch the secondary effects, they make JF unique.


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