Buff Jean-Francois (Feb 2020 Hotm)

Malosi also hard counters Black Knight, does that mean BK needs a buff?

Having a counter =/= being weak.

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Oh, yes, but for that you need a Malosi.

And 6-7 yellow tiles BEFORE JF fires, once he fires Malosi does not work at all… wait!!! let’s buff Malosi too…!!!

Guys, not every HOTM has to be able to doom the rival team in one shot!

JF is absolutely solid, and once he fires he means trouble, he renders useless Panther, Frida, Evelyn, Isarnia, etc.


I was so happy when I saw that Jean fried well. I pulled it out. But its burning turned out to be much less than I wanted) But don`t upset, play further)

JF should be buffed to very fast. That would make him a good offensive hero.

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Totally overpowered.

If they make JF very fast, they’d have to seriously nerf/remove his burn.

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Buff JF whit 100% initial dmg so he had some more versatility.

Poor Jean and zocc both had such great potential… 2021 I would like to see work on the one’s we don’t use there’s so many.

Please Buff Jean-Francois get him off the bench and make him more relevant in the game today


I don’t have the hero, but needed to remove some older votes to vote buffing heroes. Guess what? Implement boss wave counter from same year has 180 votes and this 200+, just saying

I added my vote as JF can do better than currently is the case. Longer turns in burn and bigger burn will make him more loved.

So this is another one that I think more suffers from the game meta rather than his skill set. What he does is still really good and useful from an attack team perspective neutering Morel &Frigg more than once for me and those are later released heroes than him.

Where he loses out is that DoT is far less of an issue now that there are so many ailment blockers and cleansers.

Perhaps a rework to add some damage up front, but I think only around 150-175% to 3 otherwise you may need to look at balancing it by removing some of his other buffs or reducing his burn.

Add the buff blockers and dispellers as well. It’s one of his greatest strengths and weaknesses: no direct damage. So that helps to hurt riposte heroes, but when you Malosi him, you can just feed him tiles with no consequence. Or you make his burn undispellable given the relatively low damage.