Buff Inari

I think this apply 2 different skill-set. And it does not stack, I mean both is active but not counted instead it is separate, twice chance of dodge, one from Margaret and one from Inari. So it still have a small chance to not dodge. Just a theory though… I do not have Inari and my Margaret is still at 1.1.


Having both Margaret and Inari is basically the only reason I’m considering Inari. Which is really sad since the game has seen fit to give me 3 of them.

I guess I could always go with an extra dodgy Inari/Margaret team.

But cKadilen, if she stacks with Margaret would also outshine Inari there since she is also green.

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I meant more stacking in terms of not replacing one effect with the other.

But there is potential for Margaret/Inari to be extra dodgy when emblemed as that makes 3 separate dodge chances.

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Correct yes, it does not have excess or guaranteed 100% chance of dodge. But this is still a theory though.


I know they can still be hit so I don’t think it’s additive.


I can relate. E&P gave me 3 Mitsukos instead of allocating Ursena and Tarlak from those 2 extra Mits. Of course, my first Mits is already at +20, second is at 3/70 and the third one is unleveled. At least, Mitsuko is still somehow usable even in the current meta. I can’t say the same with Inari.

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It isn’t. What that means is that the special skills that try to hit them will have two road blocks ahead of them.

Also stacks with Jade. I’m building a dodge team with Margaret and Jade. Hopefully will get Kadilen’s costume sometime too.

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Great to come back to this thread kicking. The devs need to realize that Inari needs and demands some love.

Funny how this inari thread is being revived recently and then she’s featured in this month’s Atlantis.

STOP CRYING!!! for all the heroes, take another one to play

Thank you for your constructive feedback, without your carefully structured and written post this topic wouldn’t be the same.


Having a dodgy team looks like fun. Having a viable Inari would make it even more so.

If Inari were fast or very fast we could forgive her fragility. Margaret is more robust, Very Fast mana and even does a bit of damage…C-Kadilen is Fast, does damage and essentially has Inari’s dodge skill.

Inari does need a buff.


Sorry for repeating myself…pls buff inari!


Since Inari has potential against all these heavy-hitting AoE heroes like Frigg, Odin, Cobalt, Onyx, etc, it may be interesting to lean in that direction.

Perhaps she could gain an attack drop for all enemies. That way she could be great at minimising damage with a dodge or a weakened attack should that fail.

How has this not been addressed yet?!

Eight months later, and we haven’t heard one peep regarding any future hero balancing [changes]…

Why must asking for regular updates to this game - especially consistent balance changes [for our heroes] - be like pulling teeth from a distraught two year old who’s never seen a vegetable, nor dentist, before in his life?!

Personal Experience

Seriously, you guys are killin’ me here. When I first wrote the following message, I was (at least) still using Inari - albeit only for VF tournies. Now, I don’t even do that… Nowadays, I’d rather opt for a Justice, or a Vivica, than an unreliable support hero like Inari; she has the potential of doing absolutely nothing for me at all. Maybe if I had her maxed she’d have some value [with that attack stat], but as I don’t play that way, she’s basically useless to me [now]; the irony is that supportive 3/70 5* are supposed to be the most useable [of the bunch].

Ugh. Well, suffice to say, I still stand by my earlier suggestions:

& I’ll also add [to it] a few ideas that I’ve seen brought up [here] that I think could be possible solutions [as well]:

  • Have Inari summon one minion for each ally upon casting (ie where the minions are not dependent on RNG)
  • Allow Inari’s dodge to not only dodge SS - but tile damage as well (akin to the ninja family bonus)
  • Apply a cleanse or dispel all to her SS (another variation of my earlier suggestion of adding another supportive skill (ie healing/defense boost); really, just about any type of additional skill would suffice here)
  • Add an AoE hit (this is probably my least favorite option - as I’d prefer Inari stay 100% passive in order to be unique from all other dodgers - but at this point, I’d happily take it; at the very least, with that attack stat, it would hurt)

Choosing one or two of those options wouldn’t be so hard, nor game-breaking, now would it?

Now, Rant Time :grin:

(I tried to contain myself, but it’s just so irritating :triumph:)

So, with all of this out-sourced brainstorming on how to improve this one single hero, how difficult could adjusting her really be?! Can you guys maybe adjust heroes - for once - without considering the bottom-line? That maybe - just maybe - you’d improve heroes that desperately need balance regardless of whether people still actively try to pull for em (or not). Ultimately so that you would - on a regular basis - make adjustments because it’s what’s good for game balance in order for this game to flourish in a healthy sort of way, even in instances where it doesn’t [directly] correlate with lining your pockets.

If ToL is any indication, making a hero interesting/unique/cool/strong enough will entice people to pull for them, and continue trying to pull for them, long past their prime. Of course, we don’t know what’ll happen to Atlantis once S3 concludes, but that shouldn’t matter; Inari could use some love (along with many other heroes who’ve yet to see some/something significant enough - but those all are for another thread). Chances are, she’d eventually end up featured in some portal where it would benefit you [financially] if she were more up to snuff anyway…

& Ya know, almost everything in life needs a little TLC on a regular basis… This game is no different


If all you do is pile more onto the stack without ever checking/adjusting the foundation, eventually things won’t run as smoothly as they once had, and they may even fall apart entirely.


It’s like planting a tree, watching it grow to fruition, and then harvest it - only to forget (after awhile) about changing the soil and/or watering it on a regular basis… Eventually, it’s gonna stop producing, and then it may even die…

Seriously, you guys are stingy enough as it is [with us players], but that’s no excuse to be stingy with, and even ignoring, your games’ needs. If you cared about your game, or even your dedicated player-base, you’d do a better job at tightening the screws, or changing the oil, every so often…

The very least, that should be done, is giving each hero a “once-over” every quarter (aka every three months). Or even go through them in sections based on rarity, color or origin. This, alone, would keep the game fresh, alive and interesting for the months ahead. & We’ve got so many heroes now, that if we keep balances [to older heroes] on the back burner forever, it will only lead to an overwhelming task, and a power-creep that’ll inevitably be impossible to combat.

An Offering

I don’t doubt many here (myself included) would happily offer suggestions on how to [realistically] improve certain heroes. Beta will happily test these changes, as well. All you’ve gotta to is implement em, or at least give the go ahead, and we’d [all] do our best to come up with something that could work. …Or you could, but it needs doing.

What we don't expect

We’re not asking for every hero to be a must-have. We’re not asking for every hero to see adjustments. & We’re not expecting it all tomorrow.

& What we do

We are asking that every hero can [still] keep up with the growing times [in some way], and for those that can’t, or for those definitively inferior, that they see some love and attention. There’s no reason any hero should be made obsolete, or rendered useless (there just isn’t).

Can/should there be better/stronger heroes as the game matures? Definitely. But should it be as obvious as it is now? Definitely not.

(& That, my friends, would be the point of these more regular balance changes)

But last (but not least) the true silver lining to all of this…

No more constant nerf threads.

As maybe then, if you’d actually balance your game on a regular basis, there’d be less need to do so. If lesser heroes (and not just a handful of em…) started getting buffed (and not inconsequentially) more frequently (not just this once/twice a year thing…) then there’d really be no need to cry for a nerf every other day. Everyone is happy; it’s a win/win. You’d know it would eventually get sorted out, one way or another, as it’d be dependable. Right now, very little about the current application of “balance changes” is. It’s either too little, or too late…

I mean, with how much money goes toward earning these heroes, I don’t see how it’s unreasonable to expect such a thing as balance for em every so often, but what do I know… :roll_eyes:

End Rant


Thank you @RandaPandah for such an excellent response.

I particularly agree with this:


I will add, give her 70%, at average speed if she can hang on long enough to cast her special…after all some OP heroes have 100% (guaranteed) chance to bypass defensive buffs…

Absolutely with you on this, her minions are dependent on the dodge which in turn dependent on RNG, those minions are so squishy they don’t even hang around to deliver the 7% mana boost!

agreed plus

On this part, the dodged minions ’ 7% mana boost seemed enough powerful additonal skill once the minions are a bit beefy.

Now, if heroes balancing should be an inclusive activity, then looking at the current meta drift, some heroes like Inari etc should be revisited.


Dodging Cobalt doesn’t work because Cobalt is typically set up on the edge and Inari’s special only lasts for 3 turns (which is another huge letdown). You have to time it perfectly knowing he’ll strike and not hold off until the next charge. It’s not worth the hassle. Rather have another green in there to just try and kill him.

More love for Inari please

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