Buff Inari

@Staff_SGG, really, something should be done about Inari.

S1 heroes were given costumes, S3 heroes were given buffs. G.Kong and Margaret were given additional skills. After all of these, Inari has been neglected.

Give her something in her skill that is not solely dependent on RNG please.


I agree… some selected heroes got buffed even without anybody requested.
Inari needs one.


Inari is the most passive character in the game. Even more than very slow Boss Wolf. I know that somebody has to be, but really - Kadilen costume at fast speed (!) has very similar dodge with AoE damage, being similarly hard to get as Inari. Minions giving mana are very helpful, but 8% HP…c’mon. And The latest Margaret buff…very good, but it is another slap into poor foxy Inari’s face. Inari is so obsolete compared to other similar characters that I imagine her as being that one girl which cannot find a prom date. SG, please have mercy for Inari and give her some love. There are so many good ideas mentioned above, just test some of those and apply one of them, so we and all of the foxes will be satisfied.


Kadilen costume make her look so bad at average speed. Kadilen costume do much more at fast speed. She definitely needs buff, though released so long back but I have never seen her usage in any place.

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