Buff Inari

As the title suggest, I think it’s time to consider giving Inari a buff. She is a decent hero when it comes to her attack stats, but her special is underwhelming. Add to the fact that costume Kadilen just came out as an all too similar resemblance of Inari but at fast mana, that just rubs a lot of people the wrong way, I suppose. Many have also pointed out that her ability is completely reliant on RNG, which is part of her gimmick I guess. How I would buff Inari? I would give her ONE of the following abilities:

  1. all enemies have a -30% chance to miss. This includes special skills.


  1. All enemies take 130% damage.

I think, to keep Inari in line with her RNG purpose, the first effect would be the way to go, but I believe more people would prefer the second one. I think 130% is more than a fair amount f damage too, given the fact that Inari’s attack stat is so high.

So, tell me what you think. If Inari go one of these changes, would that be satisfying?

Love my Inari 3-70, too.
Just wanted to ascend her, but with the new costumes (kadilen) I have to rethink a little bit.

Inari is missing some skill, that makes her usable on mob waves…, she only shines on opponents with special skills (bosses, war, raids)

A little bit of AoE sounds fine here.


I support buffing Inari. There’s lots of directions you can go. Personally I recommend moving away from her total reliance on RNG because I think that makes her pretty impossible to balance properly.


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Appropriately, its about time. And i would prefer the second option in order for her base attack to be relevant.


I think a +def would be more appropriate.

perhaps a +30 def to all.


Tag all your friends and get them on the #BuffInari bandwagon. I would love for her to be a damage dealer as well.


Inari has 56% dodge whereas Kaliden only has 45%.
Inari’s minions gave 7% mana but Kaliden’s minions do not.
Kaliden is better on defensive but not sure about offensive.

Still I agree Inari is underwhelming. She should be made fast or increase her dodge to either include 1 more turn or increase her dodge to at least 75%.


Here’s my analysis on Inari:

Even though she is the second 5* I ever pulled, I still have her at 3-70 because I quickly found her to be underwhelming.

Compare her ability which effectively decreases enemy special damage by 56% at average speed to Kadilen who reduces it by 74% at fast speed. And Kadilen has significantly more defense, ensuring her ability goes off. Obviously Inari’s effect is stronger because it affects non-damage too but let’s be honest: damage is the most common and relevant effect in the game. Kadilen is good but not overpowered, which helps give some context to why Inari feels underpowered.

As already noted, Inari’s bad on defense. That’s fine.

She’s bad on offense because she a) Is likely to die before you get her ability off, b) if you do manage to fire it, there’s a high chance it will end before it does anything, so c) you need to wait for the right time to fire it, increasing the chance that she’ll die first (point A again), and d) even if the enemies attack into her ability, there’s a reasonable chance it will do little to nothing. Finally, e) her minions die so easily.

A lot of these problems also apply against titans.

Inari has the dubious distinction of having an ability that literary does nothing if the enemy has certain teams, which is increasingly likely as the fight goes on.

Similarly, though not super relevant, this hero also has the added distinction of having an ability that literary does nothing before you get to the boss in world fights.

The result is a hero that often underwhelming even in her strongest situations, downright bad in others, and on top of that frequently irrelevant and boring.

I don’t think she’s actually that weak but her weakness combined with her niche relevance combined with her RNG dependence lead to a hero that really disappoints. Thus, having thought about it a lot, I suggest:

a) Modestly increase some combination of her health/defense. This will increase the chance that she’ll actually get her ability off at the right time instead of dying.
b) Have her ability actually give one or more characters fox minions at activation, as this will ensure that at least her ability accomplishes something.

All this would obviously need to be tested for balance.



I really dont know what to make of Inari, sheis said to be great at titans with the correct support around her… but in most other areas i just wanna cry at her uselessness.

I have gotten very few usable rogues during my 2+ years of playing wich has forced me to bring Inari along for the class emblem quest, and she is so utterly useless versus mobs that dont have a manabar its painful.

Ok once you manage to reach the bosses she does her thing (wich at average speed is still kindof weak) but getting her to the bosses often cost a batch of perishables like manapots or healthpots.

I strongly feel that she is missing something, i mean, ok in some narrow path setups some find her useful… but overall she simply dont get to see any action in my stable, neither PVE wars or raids, she is just a benchwarmer, a rare good looking benchwarmer with a semi amusing special skill… but still a benchwarmer. :frowning:

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Keep spreading the word and maybe @Petri and @EmpiresPuzzles will mention this to their team.

I think She does not need any buff…but her minions do!
They need to be buffed with their hp…The Enemies use to kill them very easily, so they need at least 13% hp, & you can decrease their attack in exchange of the same.

@Petri can you include inari for a buff in the beta testing for V30? This hero really needs an upgrade. Costumed kadilen made her very much outdated.


Make at least 50% of chance to dodge if the target has +50% health remaining or something.

Or the more mana the target has, more chance for dodging the enemies skill.

Or all allies get +40% defense for 4 turns.


Original skill changed to “Once Inari cast skill, you win.”

Margaret and Kadilen Costume got buffed. Inari was usually a useless hero, and now she became much worse than ever relatively. She needs balance change. Changing the mana speed, attacking all or 3 enemies, significant increase of dodging or dispel ability, increasing or decreasing Max HP, allies’ defence, attack, or critical buff… whatever it its, she needs some significant change.


I really pushed for Inari to get some love in beta [during this most recent balance change], but to no avail…

When she first came out she was great, as she was the only hero with dodge (which is so much fun), and her attack stat was highest in yellow, but just like what happened with QoH as soon as BK hit, she quickly became the least relevant dodger of all due to being made first.

I mean really, at average speed, she should really do more than Kadilen, as she also has less survivability [than Kadi] too. But instead, we’re left with a hero that charges two tiles slower in lieu of only 11% more chance to dodge, the weakest minions in the game (that only give mana if they happen to survive long enough) and a high attack stat (her only consistent, reliable use ie tile damage). Whereas Kadilen is faster, has beefier minions and has better stats - therefore will fire more frequently and survive longer, and has an AoE attack to top it all off. & Even VF Margaret - who was once known for only being good for her tile damage as well - now hits 3 targets on top of her dodge damage for 3 -again, at very fast mana

So my suggestions [for Inari]?

  • Increase dodge chance to the 60-66% range (I mean Margaret’s is 30%, Kadilen 45%, so why isn’t she at 60% at the very least, huh?)
  • Increase minion HP to the 10-13% range (8% is a joke)
  • Increase duration of skill to 4 turns (she’s average speed, after all…)
  • Add an additional skill for all allies - either a direct heal, HOT or defense boost (to give her some reliability/versatility as a support hero [offensively])

Now I’m not asking for all of these, even one would be nice, but really Inari could use at least two of these to become relevant again. As is [now], she’ll just continue to gather dust on my bench… Cuz even though that attack stat is nice, her utility is just way too unreliable. As even when it does come thru, those minions go down almost instantaneously - where I’m lucky if even one survives a full turn. Which is sad, cuz I originally brought two Inaris to 3/70 as I really loved playing with her [at first], but nowadays… she gets passed over everytime. The only use she ever sees [now] is during 5* rush tourneys where both holy and dark are allowed.

Such a shame, as she’s also the cutest hero in this entire game… I mean, really, who doesn’t love those sakura fox minions and all of those tails, huh?! So adorable


I’m replying to get this post some attention - they made Margaret usable. It is Inari’s turn

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I don’t own an Inari, but would have to agree that she needs a buff. I personally would find her more attractive to pull if she attacked all enemies or healed her allies. If she did get a buff, I’d definitely do more pulls when both she and Ursena are available as featured heroes during Atlantis Rises. Left in her current state, she’d make me think twice whether I’d want to do a pull that month.

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What a great suggestion!
Like your detailed analysis a lot.
I totally agree with your suggestion.

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Totally agree. I have Inari at level 7 with emblems, but I removed her from my (modest) defense team because she’s not likely to fire at all, and when she does, it’s very RNG to be useful somehow.

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