Buff Hansel

Hansel is one of my favorite 4* heroes but his defense is very fragile. Please make him a little bit stronger in defense,rise up his hp and defense points. Thank you :slight_smile:

You can emblem him for defense. That will make him tougher.


I agree totally. Buff his stats up

If we compare him to two other similar heroes, yes his def is a bit low, but his attack is higher.

And his special is highly rated.

I’d say he’s fairly well balanced and it would be dull if every hero had identical stats.

I know power creep is a problem but there are other heroes in the queue first for buffs imho.


Because a hero is one of your favorite and thus noticing his/her weakness doesn’t translate the need for a buff. The fact such hero is a favorite means that you like the hero’s skills. Buffing them would make them OP. What if others also demanded to buff their favorite heroes like GM, Freya, Frigg, Cobalt, Garnet, Bera, Lord Loki, Alfrike, Onyx, Black Knight, Finley, etc.? Would you be amenable to it?


Hansel doesn’t need a buff at all. He’s fragile for sure, but he’s fast and his special is very annoying for your opponent. He is already well balanced.

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