Buff Gullinbursti and An-Windr

If they using their special skill when attack buff is active, only duration is reset.
But I propose to add damage also when duration is reset (so, skill actually does whatever damage it accumulated and then rewrites itself).

I dont think Gullinbursti needs a buff. He’s phenomenal as is.

An-Windr is another story


They share same status effect, and my request is to buff this effect.

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Yeah, I’ve noticed that if Gullin is charged again and you release it before the end of the previous cycle, no dmg is applied. But you can control it and wait a little bit… Unless you’re desperate for a heal asap.

I dont think Gullinbursti needs a buff. He is already prized as he is. I think he is better than regular Vivica in that you dont waste 6 darts and other ascension materials. You dont max the angry boar because of his damaging skill, you max the pig because he heals and boosts health.


A buff to Guillinbursti would make him stronger than Noor, who behaves similarly. And Noor has been bragged about as a powerful hero that will give you an 85% win rate so…
Guillinbursti is fine

An Windr shouldn’t be used for defense in my opinion. But offensively if he can survive the AI’s poor aim with a little help from his friends. He does… ok…

Maybe we should keep the 3<4<5* ?

There is a reason. Pig is a healer after all.

Para su calificación esta muy bien como esta un pequeño Heimdall

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I don’t see this as a “buff” so much as a “mechanic correction.” I’m on board with it

Then you make a painful choice. :man_shrugging:t2:
The wording is “when efect ends”… I guess it was intentional to be just healer OR healer and hitter, depending on what you need him to be.

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