Buff GUINEVERE -- Heals All Allies!

Can we please buff Guin to heal all so she can be a useful tank again. Variety in game is much needed instead of continuously nerfing heroes.
The leaderboard is dominated by Telluria tank, it has become monotonous.
“Guin has had her time” should not be normalized. People paid to get her. Who’s next to be rendered useless, Telly? Vela?
Tank heroes shouldn’t have expiration dates.
I mean, we get it new heroes, more money but don’t be too greedy take into consideration the c2ps and f2ps who have limited choices for tanks.

I agree she needs heal all especially with the coming war changes


Guin is one of the strongest heroes and most-used tanks in the game (well, before Telly version 1.0 came out).

Is this real?


Well, she’s kinda useless now. I want my darts back so I’m hoping they would buff her. Lol



She reigned a very long time at the top. She’ll get her turn to be a tank in upcoming war changes she doesn’t need a buff. Leave her alone.



I find it ironic that the former queen of tanks, who have been nerfed also several times, will be having her buffs. Guinevere was so so so excellent at tanking that even with several nerfs, she still was head and shoulders above the rest. Only with the arrival of HOTM Seshat and the emblems made players think twice maintaining her as tank since Seshat is immune to her mana cut and the cleric class talent may have the chance to kick in to nullify the said mana cut, much more so with the arrival of several heroes introduced in the game as alternative tank, i.e. Kunchen, Ursena, Black Knight and several others. Only with the release of Telluria sealed the deal of unseating Guin as the premier tank with certainty.


That would be nice. I’ve been chasing her.
I’m c2p and got lucky to pull her but it’s disappointing I rarely use her now.


The only thing i wish could change is her class… she definitely doesn’t belong to wizard class.

Guin is still a great tank. But totally overshadowed by the Tell era. Purple is the next best available as you have lots of viable tank options. Yellow is pretty much just Guin or Guin in terms of top tier

only nerf i found.

other nerf was her as event boss but not as a hero

but yea she was the reigning queen for a long time. ah the good ol days…

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Oh yeah, the mana reduction, HOT, and increased dark defense aren’t enough - let’s give her blinding, 260% damage against all enemies, and some minions, too.


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Yes. Absolutely.

But only after Obakan’t, Leo, Justice, Dawa, Boomer, Horghall, Thoth, Noor, Zocc, Prisca, Elkanen, Agwe, Gobbler, Owl, Skittleskull and Sumitomo.

Back of the queue, Guin.


Please don’t mock Gulluria

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She was a padalin when she first come out they changed to wizard.

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I don’t mind if they make her heal all.
I rarely use her, except for tournament.
Agree on buff and less nerfing.
Different tanks on top 100 will be more fun. :+1:t2:

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Good call, I’d consider that a buff :grin:

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