Buff Guardian Falcon

Everyone’s calling out “buff this hero” or “nerf that hero” so might as well throw this out there:

Rebalance G.Falc!

He pales in comparison to other hit-3 elemental defense-down heroes. For the sake of this comparison, I won’t be comparing him to G. Jackal b/c Jackal is only hit-one.

If we compare Falcon to Evelyn and Panther, not only are Evelyn and Panther both fast speed but they also dispel 3. If we compare him to Frida who is also average speed, Frida does signicantly more damage proportionally to 5* heroes than Falcon does to 4* heroes. Frida also dispels.

I understand that Falcon is a 4* and can’t be compared directly to 5* heroes, but I still feel that he can be rebalanced.


Proposal 1: Change speed and decrease damage

Speed: Average Fast
Special skill:

  • Deals 225% 200% damage to target and nearby enemies.
  • The target and nearby enemies get get -54% defense against fire for 4 turns.

Proposal 2: Add dispel

Speed: Average
Special Skill:

  • Deals 225% damage to target and nearby enemies.
  • The target and nearby enemies get get -54% defense against fire for 4 turns.
  • Dispel buffs from target and nearby enemies.

I always think that Guardian Falcon main strength was to be sturdier than others 4*. As he has good def and good hp and the paladin skill is more likely that he fires in a battle(surviving the fight). After all the elemental def down is what really matters of falcon.
So id rather he to have good def and hp than more damage. Thats my opinion. I think that hes well balanced as he current state.

Good luck ! :sunglasses:


It’s true that G.Falcon has a really high defense stat that is comparable to 5* defense stats. He does well against other 4*'s but I was thinking of him more in perspective of other hit-3 elemental defense down heroes and the current meta as a whole.

Maybe better comparison is Almur… 4*, decent stats, fast, elemental defence down to 3, but hardly noticeable damage. Max health reduction is also not something that makes a difference. I use him regularly and love him for titans and green stacks, but not because of dmg. Unfortunately, don’t have Falcon to compare…


I have Almur and G Falcon maxed. Both get regular use for their respective titans. I do wish G Falcon had some more attack for tile damage and if I emblemed him I’d go attack as a priority (like I am with Almur), but really their value is the elemental defense down like you said. The special damage is nothing (especially for titans).

… or give us a 5* hero similar to him. (in a different class please.)


That would work too haha. Probably makes more sense from SG’s perspective to do that since it would ultimately make them more :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:


I like G Falcon, but he seems kinda squishy to me. With titans, he’s the 1st to go down…almost always. I’d like to see him with more durability. Maybe at fast with 200% dmg, that would do it. :smile:

What titan level are you fighting?G.Falcon can reach 900ish of def emblemed if im not wrong. Hes sturdier than any 4☆ and sturdier than lots of 5☆ too.

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I’m fighting 12-13* titans and also use him for war/raids. And I don’t have paladin emblems for him since all my paladin emblems are still going towards Telly lol

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Think the biggest issue is the he is only a 4*. Make a 5* comparable to Evelyn and Frida and I think that’s the most likely scenario to please the crowd as well as make the most money.


Money talks…



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I like my falcon as is.
Hes a set up man, and being sturdy allows him to fire. I dont think he needs a buff, but I agree with others that a 5* counterpart (hopefully a hotm and not an event or seasonal hero) would be super cool.

I think he is one of the sturdiest heroes out there and he gets his job done, I don’t see any value in buffing him when there are so many others out there that deserve buffing more.
I also don’t see too much value in having a 5* version of him (apart from introducing another anti Tel/green tank weapon, which I suppose is always appreciated). However I would prefer a 4* purple down (or even a 3* would be better than nothing). Panther is just too limiting as the only purple option.


A G falcon emblemed the right path of Def goes all the way to 910. That’s not a Def to scoff at for a 4 star. He’ll survive for a long time. He’s fine with what he’s been given. I don’t see the need to buff him

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