Buff Guardian Cameleon

Make him have very fast mana speed . Or do you think he would be broken if on a team with the new elemental heros ?

I have to ask, what is it you think he will do any better by being very fast?

He is a titan specialist, and when you use him like that his speed does not matter because you are using hurricanes, time stops and tornadoes.

The only thing he really needs is a buff to his stats because he is getting rather long in the tooth being around 4 years old.

Well he is hard to have ready at the right time too early or too soon and you dont want to use him to change the element back unless he is pared with fish loki . Every once inawile i put a suggestion up. So a costume for him better stats very fast and if you recast they keep the same weaker element would help . Or just add gazelles dance to your side and leave the rest alone . Make his and baulders 90 aether power counter attack and they might be useful

You do know that you have to wait after you have first fired him anyway. Making him very fast won’t solve your problem.

As for speeding him up, as I said, you use mana pots, tornadoes, hurricanes and scrolls of alteration so he doesn’t need to be very fast.

The one thing I did not mention is that most of the very best titan specialists are even slower that G. Chameleon and the players that use them have no problem.

How about Franz, Congalach, Miki?