Buff glitch?

Just noticed this during a map campaign: Kirils defense buff is added to my heroes first to give +30% defense boost and a boss’ special attack, which is supposed to reduce defense by -18%, hits Kiril, Kiril’s defense is now -18% and not the difference between +30 and -18 (+12). Is this done by design? Shouldn’t it be +12? Seems messed up.

Not the best screen cap I know…was unable to get screen cap while stats were up but you get the point.

Buffs with same or opposite effects don’t stack. The latter entirely replaces the former. If you have an attack debuff active on your heroes, you can cancel it by using BoldTusk’s attack buff. Similarly the other way round (which is what you observed).

Same applies for 2 different breeds of the same buff - the later one replaces the earlier one.


I figured that was the case although I’d prefer the other. Thanks for the clarification.