Buff Fura!

I know she is not a 5*, but she has awesome art and there is potential in her skill. Her flaws have been broken down pretty well in her character thread. IMO, beyond helping people just beginning, her usability is very poor. Given she is an S3, so by the time you get her you are somewhat developed, she is basically a collectors item.

There are a few things that would improve her, in no particular order. I think some of these could be combined and she wouldn’t be OP’d still

  • Increase her speed to fast.

  • Increase her damage percentage to 225%

  • Increase health reduction per special to 150 - 200 (depending on which other options, if any, are also done).

I think her stat line can generally stay the same.


Not just her. Though Almur has great use for his EDD, he also reduces health a little too low for my liking. Both of them BARELY do much compared to the legendary Svartalfheim hero Alfrike, who reduces -150 HP, with at least 3 or 4 on 1 target knocking back -450 HP or however much she actually chips.

Fast mana might justify the low/low-ish amount of max health reduction. Will even throw in a poison damage that would initially have the enemy want to attempt heals that aren’t going to be much. (Like Sand Empire heroes do sand damage that could deal off enough HP to have someone panick heal and get 2% instead of 20%.)


A simple reorder of her skill would go a long way.
If she reduced max health first and then did damage, I could see it as a quick fix while maintaing her as a unique hero.

I could also see her being fast, but I’d suspect she’d be a top Epic defensive hero if she was bumped to fast given the last of hit all fast Epics.

It seems most heroes who limit healing for enemies are undervalued by the players and overvalued by SG. See Sand Empire for example heroes. These heroes were valuable for field aid, but not so much anymore.


Guys, I don’t know what you guys are talking about. Both Fura and Almur hit like trucks

That may work too. Right now her damage does less than her health reduction very often because her hit is so weak so after her special all enemies already have “boosted” health.

Here I disagree a bit. She would be good and usable, but her stat allocations don’t make her geared for defense at all. I really wanted mine to work and tried +20 A path and tried +20 HP/D. She was frail either way. If the concern of that suggested change makes her great on D she already has a natural counterbalance IMO.

Agreed. When they first came out I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop like how Gobbler and Grimble shined much later. I thought they may expand upon overheal, but here we are in S5 and with all new events and she hasn’t slid into a role.

So far the only health reduction hero that occasionally makes an impact is Alfrike. Some times she fires multiple times and if my healer isn’t an overhealer that is noticeable.

That being said, that’s why I want a hero buff and NOT a family buff. The family buff will be geared towards the 5’s and Fura will get shafted a-la Buddy, Rudolph, and Frosty.

As for Almur, his health reduction does suck but he also has EDD which is very rare and very powerful. I wouldn’t touch him and just consider the health reduction as “icing on the cake”. It’s not his main purpose.

@Kalis would love for her to have DoT poison. After all, she is the poisoner of whatever place.



I don’t have Fura but I do have Almur +20 and limit broken. I use him in my 4* green strike team.

I appreciate that he is fast but as for hitting like a truck…? Mist hits harder than he does. And yeah, I have her in the same team for mana control.

I do believe Fura either needs to do more damage, or her mana speed should be increased.

I don’t fear her at all and neither do I fear Almur. Neither of them are meant for defense in my opinion. And Almur at least gets a run because he is fast, I doubt I’d use Fura because of her average speed.

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well-reasoned, I support that. Poor Fura does not have much of a use case now, indeed especially as field aid is gone. and none of the tournament formats are really where she shines


Fura is still in my titan team and various raid teams but that says more about my collection than it does about her :sweat_smile: Good Dark heroes are hard to come by. :disappointed_relieved:

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