Buff Frigg

Frigg is just a jot or ratatoskr. Make Frigg…Frigg.

This is a joke right? She can be devastating if timed right, particularly when she is in tank position.

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No young quin. This is no joke. At least damage buff.

While you’re at it lets buff Gravemaker too.


Let’s see, at fast mana, she needs 9 green tiles on the board to 244% damage to all and -44% def @ 753 attack. 9 green tiles is nothing.

In comparison, Ursena at average mana will do 260% damage if, heroes have more than 50% health, 130% otherwise @ 760 attack.

I’d say that Frigg is more powerful.

Let’s buff the tell out oh him.

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I dunno everytime I fight Frigg I just don’t feel that power lol same with bera.

Posts like this are probably the reason why devs don’t take buff ___ posts seriously.

Frigg is incredibly strong. There is absolutely no buff needed


This. This topic is bonkers.

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You forget. All heroes may be categorized as a sniper, tank, minion summoner, utility hero, an AOE-dealer, a support hero, healer, etc. While some have a mix of various types, case in point, original Telluria where she is a tank that deals minor AOE damage, gives HoT and minion, not to mention she reduces the mana regen of the enemy heroes.

Frigg is one powerful nature hero. Compared to Buddy, she deals regular defense down debuff on all enemy heroes and the defense down debuff is based on the number of green shields on the board. You don’t treat her as a primary damage dealing hero but more of a support/utility hero that aids the rest of her fellow heroes on a team in eliminating the enemy team. Frigg + Evelyn + Atomos or Elkanen is a good combo for a 1-2-3 punch. Sadly, I don’t have her. Tried summoning for her using my hoarded coins, but to no avail. S3 may be my bane as I don’t have a legendary hero yet.

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