Buff Esme,

I know quite a few people believe she needs a buff in utility and making it so her fiend immunity is unconditional.

So the buff request is quite simple, add in a cleanse, doesn’t need to be priority, however, would be nice- and make it so her fiend immunity is unconditional.

Voted! 20 characters of ailment removing.


I’ll 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th this ! Been asking for this since release. Always in that predicament where a fiend summoner is about to fire but your health isn’t great. U need the heal but u lose the fiend removal but if u let them fire 1st u may die. Easily solved with unconditional fiend immunity. Throw in a cleanse or debuff for that cherry on top.

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Yup, this is a very reasonable and NEEDED buff request, I have no plans on using her due to these 2 things, she’s actually a bit weird as it stands due to it, and it’s SUCH a shame as the potential is right there, it just needs that small tweak.


+1 very reasonable suggestion to improve a card, thank you for suggesting it. Compared to Arco who flips the fiends and gives a massive health boost, Esme just needs a small tweak to make her worth the scopes.

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Absolutely, right now she’s like the strange kid nobody wants to sit next to at school, doesn’t fit in.

Boosted health is good, no need to change that, but that’s literally all she does really, her “fiend immunity” isn’t great, and I kid you not when I tell you the exact same thing is on HoTM links, so she really needs it to be unconditional and cleanse added to become accepted at school.

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With the new buffs you’ve got for CoK now would be the perfect time to include Esme @Petri cough cough.

Yess buff her. At least she should be cleanser

There’s a new VF coming that removes fiends and chains 230% attack. I’ve given up on Esme.

@Petri Once again don’t forget about this post before it’s deleted

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Voted. My wife has her and likes her very much.