Buff: Elradir

I’ve been using my experience to propose buffs to many heroes that do deserve some tweaking - most of them I don’t even have. I do it for the game balance.

I’ve said Elradir is too weak even before he came out, in beta. Now that I own him, Im even more sure of that. So yes, I’m asking a buff for a hero that I own and will write a deep analysis.

It’s pretty lame having a 2021 hero unused in my deck just because he’s too situational (for not saying mediocre).

His damage is nothing to worry about.
His reflection… Situational (to not say mediocre).
His mana bonus… Nerfed

What else? Nothing. He is just like that. Nothing to offer. In paper, that DOT reflection could do something great, but it doesn’t.

Question: Where does he’s good today?
Raid def? No
Titan? No
Raid attack? Hm, maybe, it depends. Mostly, no.
War def? No. In none of war rules.
Tournament? No. In none of tournament rules.
Map? Not really.

I want to suggest some justice for one of the worst hotm of 2021.

  1. Buff his damage to 300% to target and minor damage to nearby enemies;
  2. Buff his damage to 270 or 280% to target and neraby enemies.

✓ Why? He would be in pair with other hit-3 Hotm like Glenda, Drake and Zagrogg. Isn’t that just fair? Glenda even gives that great +40% SS damage and cleanse. Drake gives a cool blind and so on. Now Elradir? Less damage and a way less useful skill ONLY TO HIMSELF. And will do only 255% damage. Makes no sense.


  1. Make his reflect DOT buff affect nearby allies as well.

That’s it. Very small tweaks that could make an almost useless hero into someone balanced and in pair with similar heroes.

Thanks for reading!

I definitely agree. I tried taking Elradir to +20 to see if he could do anything.

He didn’t.

I would love to see a buff to his damage reflect which would make him a more unique hero. A taunt would do that, or the possibility of reflecting damage to nearby heroes. Increasing his attack would help, just not as unique!

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Suggestions from other threads.

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Thanks for the upvote!

Me too. I did have him emblems but… Adding 0 to 0 will still make a 0. His special damage is just too low - and his reflect just doesn’t justify it.

Today’s heroes are just monsters in hit all damage, no DOT. Even if Vela returns to def teams (which is not likely to happen since Mr. penguin and the ice crocodile from season 5 are out), using a cleanser is much more effective. Her water damage wasn’t buffed, also. Even a riposte hero like Boril - that is much more cheaper, will kill the attacking hero.

Disagree about the Taunt too… Elradir doesn’t have the stats points for being a taunter… Neither he needs it to be better. Only fair numbers in his current specials would be enough and still make him unique.

Thanks for the input too.

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Thanks, penguin :penguin:.

Both suggestions are very good. In his current form, he would do good at fast.
And 280% damage plus 1 turn for his reflect would be nice too… Even it’s a negligible buff.

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The missing ingredient is often the 4 other slots. When a hero needs 3 or 4 other heroes to be made useful…sometimes, then the buff threads should gain traction!
should . . . not always the case, someone will still be deeply offended that you trample their opportunity to be validated on the internet

For Elradir he needs one ally to be enhanced.


Some people have problems with definitions but… 2 Elradir can STACK damage from any ailments. That’s a big deal because ailment damage bypasses Defense!

You can also take any of your preferred ailment dealers and disregard what the enemy has. If you like your costume GM and the enemy also has one. Go ahead and take him anyway. The reflected Dust to Dust damage will still stack with your GM too!

This doesn’t help with Elradir being situational.
Good luck with that…
The niche game is profitable and not going to settle any time soon.
Needing specific… rare… and expensive allies to unlock OverPowered results has been a long time coming and is here to stay.

I have suggested some buffs for Elradir here
Elradir buffs suggestions

I also just though of a simple one similar to russels passive: gain 5% mana when a ally receives an ailment or a negative stack.
This will at least help to keep up with the hit all DoT heros

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Dissapointed hero for me. I said so sorry for this stupid hero. Max leveled, but useless.

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Has a use…

His use is always shown with multiple Elradirs… one Elradir is just not enough… he just needs a boost or a tweak…