Buff Companion talent ( Druid class )

Looking all classes talents and comparing them, companion talent from Druid clas looks least impactful in the game.

Just looking at Fighter class and revive ,in few occasions I saw hero revive for 4 times in wars/raids , thorne minion looks useles. So I belive it needs some kind of buff or change in to something better.

Thus, making Alberich, Guardian Gazelle, Zimkitha, Vela, Master Lepus, Boss Wolf, Freya, and costumed Magni more potent?

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I have none of the mentioned except Zim and Lepus. :rofl:


You can name the heroes for every other class with B and A grade. Still it dosnt change the fact thorn minion is weakest of them.

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And yet none voted for your poll. Usually, when an idea or thread is very great or very dumb, it wouldn’t take forum users several hours to flock in here and leave something, either supporting and advocating the idea, or dissecting and rejecting the same. It seems nobody is really interested.

At any rate, good luck with your proposal. Have a nice day.

Muting thread…

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I’d rather have thorn minions than barbarian damage that does about the same as Noor’s useless minions. My Zimkitha is often the last hero standing on bad boards, those thorn minions keep her alive for a long time. I’d rather see buffs to Barbarian and Ranger. Druids are one of the better classes IMO.

I rather think that Zimkitha element link gives her survivalbility, 4 % heal. Thorn minion dosnt give enough hp and 15 % is low rate appearance.

Ranger bypass talent now in combine with ninja troops makes it lot more powerful.

As for barbarian talent, appearance rate is nice, but it needs just slight buff od DOT dmg to be impactful.

That would only be true if all my reds survived. I use GM, Zim and Mitsuko and Zim always outlives the other 2 with similar emblems and stats. The difference is the class, those minions provide a good amount of a healing buffer and they appear quite often in my experience, especially when sharing damage or when she is hit by minions.

Could you be more specific pls? What do you suggest?

I think this talent is quite ok and not the worst. E.g. 15% of 1200 hp is 180 hp…if you are lucky and get it 3 times your hero can gain up to about 500 hp.

My Kvasir gets thorne minions of 184 hp each in 3* tourneys with lvl 5 2* defensive troops equipped. This is really good.

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