Buff/Change Jade special(Ninja)

Back to the OP, she’s definitely more useful now that she does damage. Prior version was utter bunk. And yes…cutting mana AND having dodge vs special skills that do damage seem to be at odds w each other. But I’ve been using her a bit on offense and she’s decent. Depends on your level of enthusiasm for the ninja charge speed.

I favour the mana charging system, ninja, magic, etc. U just leave them alone until needed. If not needed & their full charge is reached then it’s devastating. Take Milena for example. 6 tiles & u have a healer & cleanser waiting or she keeps charging & u have a devastating blow to all plus a dispel. Same with ninjas. U leave Jade charging until she’s needed or she fully charges whichever is soonest, but to have that instant mana cut available when needed is an important resource to have. Personally I didn’t level her & don’t plan on doing so in the near future as I have other options, Liu Bei, Quenell, Grace, etc. but once they’re completed she will join the conversation again. I do feel Jade still needs a little something extra whether it’s extra damage per charge or another skill added. Just my 2p worth.

100% correct Prof. !!! My bad ! Didn’t even think of that !! That can help with mythic titans I suppose.

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Soo, i did this after the update. There is still more to wish for. But she is way better now.