Buff/Change Jade special(Ninja)

Title says it all, i have never ever met her in a raid… i mean never. Got her in the first ever ninja portal, pushed her to 3/70, but really fast i realised, she was totally useless, and i dont mean her stats, i mean her special… reduce mana, and then dodge? What is it to dodge if you cut the mana? Make up your mind about her, remove one of the specials and replace with something that actuqlly plays good with the special left.

I made the mistake of maxing her long ago. Lucky LB had not been released yet or I may have wasted more good mats.
Jade has potential with the right buff. Maybe adding some damage with the mana reduction. Maybe add a defense down or up. Many options but I dont have any faith they will do much. I could see them setting it up to have to try to pull for a costume to make her usable. It obvious they dont care we have spent time and money already for a unusable product. Biggest thing that aggravates me, they do not care about a loyal player. If they did, they would buff these old heros and not force us to spend for a stupid costume. This is one game, seen others too, that longevity is punished. Much better to just be starting this game. Pulls are 100x more efficient and get the new costume where available. Save the money that was spent by older players to get tbat hero that is by far inferior to the latest version. Wonderful business model that they only get by with in mobile games. Real world most successful companies rewaed loyalty or they are not in business long. Sorry for my rant. It chaps my ■■■ and I did manage to at least start off mentioning Jade. Lol


I don’t think the problem with Jade is the idea of dodge + mana cut in itself.

The problem with her special, imo, is that while every single support ninja (Garnet, Zircon, Mica and Quartz) buffs all allies in all charges, and only the intensity of said buff depends on the charge, Jade buffs only herself, then herself and nearby and then all allies.

Imo she should be like this:
1x charge: 10% mana cut to all enemies+ 25% dodge for 2 turns for all allies;
2x charge: 15% mana cut to all enemies + 50% dodge for 3 turns for all allies:
3x charge: 25% mana cut to all enemies + 75% dodge for 4 turns for all allies;

She would still be weaker than Ruby on mana cutting while providing similar levels of protection as other dodgers. I would go as far as saying that if she additionally provided like 5% mana boost in case of a dodge it would still not be OP.


Her buffs need to apply to all allies from charge 1; she needs to deal direct damage; maybe even change the dodge to regular type (dodges all, not only damage dealing skills) or make it uncleansable.

I maxed her when formations were still on and she was a decent tank in reverse double formation as her 2nd charge applied to everyone + the mana cut. It was still a stretch though, and once it was removed she became unusable completely.

Just compare her to Ruby or Costume Kadilen. She should be on par with them - but these two do very similar things just infinitely better. Jade has literally nothing.



1x charge: 10% mana increase for all allies 25% dodge 2 turns normal attack.

2x charge: 20% mana increase for all allies dodge 50% 3 turns normal attack.

3x charge : 33% mana increase for all allies 75%

dodge 4 turns normal attack


AS it is no interest. I suggest her special decrease ennemies defense. So that it becomes a good support.

The dodge has to be to all specials not just damage to compete with C. Kad. & Hanitra I mean come on SG, we are comparing a HotM to a ninja !!!

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I think Jade deserves one extra Buff. Just like Mica has 3 she could benefit from an Attack boost to all or Healing over time. Her dodge being applied to all should be mandatory as well. She was underwhelming when Ninjas first came out and compared to Quartz and the other blue 5 star healer she is a joke.

So I’m guessing there always has to be a legendary hero that’s the worst legendary in a particular portal.

Jade fills that role for the ninja portal.

Jade’s horrible enough that she likely could continue filling that role even after getting a buff, rest assured.

My suggested buff is this:

x1 Mana Charge:
:new: Deals 100% damage to all enemies.
• Reduces the mana of all enemies by 10%.
:up: All allies get +25% chance of dodging special attacks that do damage for 3 turns.
x2 Mana Charge:
:new: Deals 150% damage to all enemies.
• Reduces the mana of all enemies by 15%.
:up: All allies get +50% chance of dodging special attacks that do damage for 4 turns.
x3 Mana Charge:
:new: Deals 200% damage to all enemies.
• Reduces the mana of all enemies by 25%.
• All allies get +75% chance of dodging special attacks that do damage for 5 turns.


Personally I’d remove the ‘that do damage’ part from the special description so it’s akin to C. Kad. or Hanitra.

Only Guardian Chaneleon is rated worse as a 5* green than her by Anchor.

Screw that, G-Chameleon is ay least usefull in some ways… Jade is just… well she is just there to be bleh…

I’ve seen people show interest in guardian chameleon as a soul exchange prospect.

The same can’t be said for jade. At this point she might well be allergic to tonics for all I know cause I’ve never seen her come close to any.

Yup, i got 18 tonics, and no green on the bench to give them to except Jade, and she aint gettin any of that sweet stuff unless they do something to her. I have had her for many many months at 3/70. And i even regret getting her to that. Only reason she didnt went into SE is because of crappy duplicates of hotm…

She shouldnt just dodge attacks that do damage, but dodge everything just as kad-c, inari, hanitra and so on.

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How can G. Cham be considered meh ? Valuable especially against titans. He dispels the undispellable, nature attack up (rare) nature critical up (also rare) I wish I’d have gotten him from SE for only 10 souls, bargain !!!

He is just very dated. I got him in the very last Teltoc event was on, and I really appreciate what he has brought to my roster.
I do not have bags of $$ so getting him off of a single pull was a huge pleasure.

It’s been a staple of this game, especially against titans to get your mono team with an attack up, defence down, EDD, etc. G. Cham is 1 of the few that does nature attack up but also with critical ! What’s not to like. I’m sure my titan scores wud be higher if he was a part of my titans team. I’m gutted I decided against getting him in the 1st SE. It also means I was able to get LoLo & Quenell so there’s silver linings & all that !!

Doesn’t he also change the blue titan to red, thus giving weak damage for the green stack?