Buff Chakkoszrot

Chakkoszrot needs a buff. He’s terrible for a slow hero especially when compared to heroes like Khufu. While I would like more, I think it would be reasonable and well received if his special always gave a -54% mana generation rate with the added bonus that if it dispelled a mana buff, the debuff becomes uncleansable. Here is his card for easy reference. I did the defense/hp path for him.

also his type and the way he pose should get a buff :smiley:

Yeah he’s pretty underwhelming. I emblemmed him a while ago just because I had a bunch of Druid emblems and no druids. I use him in vf wars sometimes for the buff block.

Now I’m thinking of resetting him, as I am in need of druid emblems and he doesn’t see much use. A buff would be welcome

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I only put emblems on him cuz I didn’t have any other druids as well. He’s useless as a tank cuz his damage is so low and his secondary abilities are kinda sad. He really needs that buff! Make him relevant!

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Just wanting to keep this thread alive…

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