Buff Carol -- She needs minions

Because the winter family revolves around minions carol really needs to make one. It’s very silly that she’s the only one who doesn’t.

Yes her ability is good, but it’s not sooo good that she couldn’t also produce a minion for target and nearby or at the very least 1 for herself.

Playing with family bonuses is fun, but if you only have 1 of the 5 stars…buddy, and carol. Carol is the odd one out.


Agree, it looks like they forgot to give her minions, without them she doesn’t fir Christmas family as good as others


Yep. Good idea for this hero! Now, IT’s a weak opponent in event!


No, her ability is not good. It can be cleansed. It can be resisted. For a 3 turn delay it’s simply too low.

And she doesn’t create a minion.


Yes, add minion or cleanse or dispell or combined…


Yeah buff her, and vlad also (Poor little vlad…)

Carol is like a 4* Jack. Is she got kicked from Halloween? maybe she is a cos-player, not a real elf?



Making Christmas … la la la la la la …

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Yeah, let her Summon Carollers!


Then you need to give the minions to Jack as well

Give minions and make bombs go off on damage… 3 turns is way too slow.


Maybe the bomb could explode prematurely if it’s cleansed. The mana control thing I think its fine. And also she gets one minion


I think she needs at least one minion. Three like buddy maybe border line OP. Considering her family bonus only buffs the minion there is no real benefit to her on that standpoint alone.


I agree. I was excited to get Carol, but with the ability to cleanse her bomb, she is pretty much useless.

I would be fine with not giving her a minion if her bomb went off when cleansed, or leave the bomb as is and give her and nearby minions, but as she is, she is far below the other christmas heroes.

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It was asked by a lot of folks in beta, and was still ignored… tough chance it will change so soon after initial release.

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OP buffs for carol.

  • if the present bomb is cleansed or resisted, the target and nearby enemies receive 312 damage.

They’ll need to lower the damage by 50% if that’s the case. You can destroy a Vanda tank team with 5 carols at this point


What about the the stack mechanic since stacks are uncleansable and you can stack gift bombs that way. Don’t know if ailment shields resist them though.

  • maximum stack: 3

Very weak hero… need to be reworked for sure.

Proteus does more damage than she does and stops mana for 3 turns verses 25% mana reduction. Yes Carol should get 3 minions like Buddy or at the very least 1 for herself, but I think 3 would be ideal.

Some worry about stacking, but realistically it’s rare to be able to cast more than once or twice, sometimes you can get full mana and a diamond to cast twice and then it’s very unlikely you will be able to cast a third time before the bomb explodes. Most of the time you will be lucky to cast again by the time the bomb goes off the first time and most of the time you won’t be ready to cast again after 3 turns.

Heroes have become more powerful with season 3 and Carol being released months after season 3 should fall in line with season 3 heroes. Bombs can be cleansed and the damage isn’t much. I was very surprised she didn’t have minions, even Frosty gets all allies minions as a healer. I hope they look at this and add minion(s) to Carol, she badly needs them.

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Carol is Terrible.

She either needs direct damage or minions. the gift box can be dispelled, which makes her even worse. her stats are mediocre and I just have no need for her when Kelile is around.


Morlovia family bonus isn’t tied to minions like the Christmas heroes are, plus the 4* hero you can pair with Carol is Buddy who only summons 3 minions while all the rest aside from Rudolph summon minions for all allies. Even Frosty summons for all allies as a 3* hero. 4* heroes are really getting the shaft with regard to Christmas family bonus.

She is sorcerer though, so she may proc her mana slow, couple with her mana cut she can stall out for long. Also I think she is the only sorcerer 4 star who can cut mana, making her faster to emblem as compared to 5 stars like mitsuko and Natalya who does the same thing but requires way more emblems. Also you can’t really compare her with Proteus. The problem with carol is that you really need to use her talent wisely with her skill. This means she needs to be emblemed a lot to see results

I was thinking along the lines of using two carols. If a target gets her mana slow, the two carols can double down on their victim, so it’s able to stack the presents that way

She really just needs one minion of her own to function properly. She has a lot of health for a 4* so she can pretty much stall out anything. That one minion makes the world of a difference

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