Buff booster tournament rule is baloney?

I dont understand how it is possible. I had Sonya under Triton’s and Kiril’s buff, her displayed attack was around 1400. and I hit an enemy hero under Grimm’s debuff - defense around 400.
the special damage was… wait for it… just under 700.
when I fight in normal raids, my 5* often hit for over 1k. sure, their special % is higher than that of Sonya, but the attack/def ratio is nowhere near 3. what is going on?


There were such problems with the buffs before the update, but they wrote in the release notes this issue was solved. I attacked only twice so far, but I will pay attention to see if it’s something wrong…


This number looks pretty odd to me indeed, based on these values.

Even assuming that the value θ (a number between e^-0.5 ~ e^0.5) in the Damage Calculation topic was at its worst, the skill damage should’ve been around ~1,400.

I’ll try to pay attention too.

The topic with the problems @Scarecrow describes btw is here;

However the release notes of V24 state that this was fixed;


I’m in agreement here. I can’t get a special to hit for more than around 500. Buffed with costume Melandor (2 buffs), def dropped with Grimm, and Hansel +19 hitting at 255% of 755 (+21% for full Mana). I haven’t done the exact math, but that’s a lot more than 500 to 550ish on any 4*…

That is a weird issue to have. I will have to pay more attention to my direct damage specials to see if I have the issue. I know Shrubbear gets a 30% boost automatically because of all the functions of his special. Thanks for the heads up about this.

My Sonya and my Caedmon hit for ~400 with Kiril’s 2 buffs. Have a video again, not uploaded yet, but forgot to tap the opponent for the def stats :frowning:
Seems a bit low again.

Exactly my case, didn’t record, but was too weird. Chao hit for 400 damage, but wait for it… Atk buff from Gad and another 3 buffs (2 from Gad and one from Triton). It is kinda ridiculous, though the hero I hit had 800 def.

I guess the category should be change to bugs and issues, for this thread. The staff should find out about this…

Did it. After my tournament attacks and the vid I wanted to search this topic and put it in Bugs & Issues :smiley: that was my main intention, but forgot after writing my response. I need coffee…and will upload the video, although the def stats are missing.


here it is - Melendor & Kiril were normal ones +20, I’ll post the stat screens later from my mobile.

The stats:


Got fixed, like I and @DaveCozy said above. This is something new…

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Yes, @DaveCozy quoted the release notes for this.

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All good, usually they mark them as solved when it’s all fixed.

I’ve updated that thread title to remove any confusion


Hi, we investigated this here and there should be no bugs related to the buff booster currently. As @DaveCozy, the previous issue was fixed in version 24.


I think @AngelOfDark666 believes there to be a new issue related to the quantity of damage dealt.

I don’t know the damage calculation well enough to calculate it all out but I think she put the video abkve with the situation.

Seems a bit low, but I’m also not into damage calc, so I just wanted to provide some data. If Petri says, it’s all fine, then this might be the case as well.

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