Buff Boldtusk "The Feral Sage" (Secondary Costume)

In an extremely sluggish pace with pulling secondary costumes that are avaliable for the Classic Epic heroes as of late, I got lucky in the last Costume Chamber and pulled ccBoldtusk. (Unsure of its theme.) His default Special Skill:

  • All allies regenerate 288 boosted health over 4 turns. Boosted health can exceed max HP.
  • All allies get +45% attack, and a further 20% increase every time they are hit during 4 turns.

It initially didn’t seem like a terrible skill with the advancement of the game: a bunch of better overhealers, some including additional gimmicks like ailment immunity, rage, or mana generation down. Getting a S1/Classic Hero costume that made a healer an overhealer was a fantastic move, but after using him a few times in raids, I noticed something that makes him feel like a sudden joke.

The change from +attack% to berserk was in the right direction, but the choice to have him boost as low as 68 for 4 turns is an embarrassment. The raid that made me take note was when I faced a raid in which the Hero Kitty. She, too, regeneratively boosts the health of her allies but at a much higher amount akin to Gullinbursti.

Looking at ccRigard and ccKiril, their health boost ability, too, is much higher than ccBoldtusk’s regen boost and link up to the aforementioned two Heroes.

I’m very much unsure what the decision is for this being what it is. If Boldtusk is unusually “OP” with this, a bunch of Heroes would need to be nerfed to reflect this. Otherwise (and in my personal opinion), I’d rather he see a buff that would make him more desireable as a pull in Costume Chamber.

Proposal 1

Greatly increase the regenerative health boost to be on par with every other Epic Hero that has this gimmick.

  • All allies regenerate [400 to 450] boosted health over 4 turns.
Proposal 2

Change the regenerative boost ability to instant health boost. Increase the amount to a more tolerable degree.

  • Boost health of all allies by [370 to 410].
Proposal 3

Modify the gimmick to be based on shields/tiles on the board, with the current amount being the lowest and the highest being akin to every other Hero/Costume released for Epic Heroes.

  • All allies regenerate 290 boosted health over 4 turns. Regenerate an additional 15 boosted health for each :fire: Fire shield on the board, up to 440 boosted health in total.

Hitting me that the proposal is close to how I also wrote up my own secondary costume idea for Boldtusk a while ago before the costume actually released. Lol

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