Buff Balbar

The Bear Knight hero, Teddy, has now entered the game as is. Therefore, something needs to change between these two heroes to justify their shared existences.

For context:

Hero Comparisons

From the way this reads, a Hero that deals no damage to all enemies but is able to stop all attacks, mana generation, and is suspectible to 1 normal or Special hit that deals moderately increased damage is not ultra-powerful at average speed. So my question is, “Why is Balbar limited to only hitting and knocking to sleep exactly ONE enemy where the increased damage received is 10% less than another hero? Especially at the exact same mana speeds.”

Rather than proposing that Teddy be nerfed (since I don’t plan on getting him myself), I think Balbar could use some sharpening for more use.

Proposal 1

If he is to remain a sniper and exclusively strikes one hero, an increase to mana speed could justify both the one target knock to sleep and the reduction in increased damage when awakened.

  • Adjust mana speed from Average to Fast or Very Fast.
Proposal 2

Change him from a sniper to a splash hitter. Mana speed would still need an adjustment to justify why he isn’t knocking all enemies to sleep.

  • Adjust mana speed from Average to Fast.
  • Extend the range of damage and debuff from one to three.
    ** Deals 315% damage to the target and minor to nearby enemies. OR Deals 300% damage to the target and nearby enemies.
    ** The target and nearby enemies fall asleep. While asleep, the target and nearby enemis can’t attack or gain mana, and receive +60% more damage.
    ** The sleeping targets are awakened once they take damage, excluding Minions and Fiends.
Proposal 3

Keep him as a sniper but his sleep debuff should expand to nearby enemies of the target or all enemies. It’d at least match with Teddy. Maybe even give specifically the target a defense debuff.

  • Extend the application of the Sleep debuff to target and nearby enemies OR all enemies.
  • Give a debuff to the target that takes damage. Defense down refresh on heal or Shattered defense or even Elemental defense down.
    ** The target gets -44% defense for 4 turns. The duration of the effect is refreshed if the target is healed. OR receive +35% more damage for 4 turns. OR gets -44% defense against :herb: Nature for 4 turns.