Buff - Atlantis Costume Bonus - Calibration

I think everyone has already observed that the costume bonus for Atlantis heroes is a dissaster, even with the costume none of the 5* heroes reach 900 points, which at the current level is quite low, since we have 850 point 4* heroes already.

Nonetheless the costume bonus for Valhalla and Underwild seem to bring the heroes from those events back in the game, while in Atlantis event on the other hand the costume bonus seems to be a slap in the face for all the players.

Since now we’re about to receive costumes for the Dunes which will bring those heroes who are already stronger then any Atlantis hero to an average of 1000+ points whitout any LB or Talents, why don’t you calibrate the bonus for Atlantis also?

Let’s be sincere here, who would invest in Atlantis coins if all the heroes are so weak?

Be real Zynga and calibrate this for your own pocket !!

Not only have they ignored rebalancing the costume bonus, but they have apparently forgotten that not all of the 3s received costumes. It has been many, many months and both S3 & S4 3s have been receiving costumes but they have ignored finishing Atlantis costumes.

I have been saying to myself that surely they will revisit Atlantis so I should wait until then. And month after month goes by and I am still waiting.

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Yes. S2 and Seasonal costumes need buff. Base Victor has stats that are barely any better than S1 and on par with S2 that are not Tethys or Oceanus (and even those two start lacking). I kinda expected SGG to buff them after they did so for S3, S4, Events and HotMs.

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Yes you’re right, Seasonal heroes Costumes also require a buff.

Come on people vote on this ! Zynga needs to buff this for their own pockets !!!

I agree, even though I have no season 2 costumed 5*. They also need to address the costume bonuses for the 3* and 4* hero’s, and not just Atlantis. The current bonus for non season 1 3*'s only just puts them level with the 1 costume stats. With the toon costumes coming out there is no point on these hero’s. I’m also up for the Winter and Springvale family getting a costume buff. Mother North is still very relevant but she is slowly falling down the list. SG would benefit as more money will get spent with people who still are trying to pull her.

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There’re some good S2 non-5*, they deserve a normal treat compared to others seasons and families.

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I gladly support this. They need to do an overhaul on them and give the 3/4s a good costume bonus. The 5s need a good adjustment to compare close to season3 and season4 but don’t push them to over the hill.

While I agree with it fullheartedly, unfortunately, they most definitely will just make secondary costumes which is the worst of the solutions from the playerbase point of view.

The way they handled HOTMs recently was a nice balance between our interest and their interest.

I don’t think that they’ll go for 2nd costumes, they will lose a lot of players again, and let’s be honest here, already too many have dropped the game, it is observable from the Alliance Quests already.

And a good way to win players back is to show that you are making periodically calibrations for the game. Especially for the guys that played 5 years ago and have old heroes.

I agree with redoing the bonuses, but ESPECIALLY to finishing S2 with having all the heroes having costumes before they prioritize S5’s already ultra-powerful Legendary heroes being given exclusive costumes BEFORE remembering the 10 non-Legendaries in that portal.

Since they’re very much copying and pasting the heroes and literally just giving them a class and artwork change, I’m not expecting them to be very creative with the remaining heroes.

S2 costumes


  • :open_book: Wizard
  • Special Skill:
    ** Deals 225% damage to the target and nearby enemies.
    ** The target and nearby enemies receive -34% less healing for 3 turns.


  • :axe: Barbarian
  • Special Skill:
    ** Deals 280% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies.
    ** The target and nearby enemies resist new buffs for 3 turns.


  • :bow_and_arrow: Ranger OR :dagger: Rogue
  • Special Skill:
    ** Deals 240% damage to all enemies.
    ** If the caster dies in the next 4 turns, deal 220% damage to all enemies and resurrect with 36% health and all status effects removed.


  • :crossed_swords: Fighter
  • Special Skill:
    ** Deals 315% damage to the target.
    ** The caster and nearby allies OR All allies get +30% attack for 5 turns.

I had gotten creative in a different thread for costumes, but SGG don’t seem to have time to do anything good or interesting to make something new. As for what to do with the costume bonus, they could buff them to somewhat match what they’ve done with S1 WITHOUT adding more costumes, especially those awful chibi costumes.

Yea, we still have Tethys and Oceanus without costumes…

I truly hope to see this done before they bring up the s5 costumes…

Considering how recent those two are (and that’s not say much when Krampus and Killhare got costumes a year after being added with no issue), it wouldn’t shock me if they waited until they give Untold Tales heroes costumes to give Tethys and Oceanus one.

Are they already that weak to need one?

Let’s revive this, and hopefully see it implemented in the next Atlantis summon since it is still the Season of Love.

Common SG spread the love here baby !!! At least make it happen before the Bunny Crew comes back this season.

We all love the Bunny Crew and wanna se them buffed together with the Atlantis Crew and all other Seasonal Crews !!!

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UpUp and away !!! SG, we’re back with this again ;).

Dear Sg, have you tought about this??

Vote up my co-players!!! We need this implemented so that we can enjoy Atlantis heroes once more !!!

@Saanzi , @PlayForFun , @Petri or anyone from Staff.

Any idea on why we still keep the S2 costumes with such a low bonus? And we still lack costumes for some S2 heroes?

All other seasons have had their costume bonus adjusted and were brought over 915 points (which are still competitive).

S3 and S4 5* heroes are similar in power with their costumes bonus, but S2 is still 70-100 point behind, which currently means they are around 850 or lower.

I as a player would like to summon in the Atlantis portal and buy some coins, but unfortunately i can summon only 5* heroes which have a maximum of 850 power (including the expired hotms without costumes).

I saw your comment that the bonus still needs to be 5/5/10/5 for consistency… Well, what consistency would that be for the current gameplay?

Sorry if offend you or anyone from the staff, but sincerely we as players like the Atlantis heroes, but they have been left too far behind to make us summon at this portal, we can call this a dead portal atm.