Buff Atlantis 4*s? (Some ideas!)

(My English skills been somehow reclining recently. Sorry for that in advance.)

Atlantis 4*s seem to be a bit overwhelmed by Costume Bonuses and newer heroes.
I, for one, would not exactly celebrate these good ol’ heroes(or any hero honestly) becoming obsolete.
The more obvious idea would be just buffing their stats. Acknowledging the existence of this option, I have another idea that can be applied instead of/along with it, that I think would also add fun to the game/gameplay: Adding some innate/built-in bonuses to them.

Some possible examples:
Ameonna: an innate %5 Crit chance. a perfect fit since she is an offensive hero that has no offensive skill and boosts her tiles instead
Sumitomo: an innate %5 Mana regeneration. which is the same as the mana bonus comes with a Costume.(actually, I think this entire Topic is inspired by the Costume Mana bonus lol). I think this is really suitable since his skill is “too much for Fast, yet too underwhelming for Average”. note that it would also combine with the family bonus.
Danzaburo: %5 innate chance to Evade the direct damage from offensive special skills. Which would combine with his Rogue Class talent. would be a total of %25 Evade when fully emblemed (also fits the hero’s Gamble soul)
Gaderius: could be %5 innate healing bonus I guess
Triton: I have 2 ideas here. 1) Same as Ameonna, which would combine with his 20th node. 2)A similar logic with Danza, meaning a built-in %5 Pierce that can combine with his Class Talent(up to %30(25+5))

Your comments are very welcome!

Interesting and viable ideas. Would like to see these utilized. :purple_heart::blue_heart::green_heart:

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S2 heroes already benefit from the family bonus absent from the S1 heroes or any of their costume.

Thanks! Can you please “vote” too?

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