Buff Aramis

If Aramis is going to get nerfed irritating word because it reminds me of whiny players please can you buff him straight away so he can keep up with the new heroes you release next month.


I agree that all the hero that didn’t get stat buff should receive it Jove , Anne hippo and I believe it’s a few more who should get stat buff

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Yes 420% damage to three, 40% boosted health and 4 turns undispellable ailment shield please


I think Aramis is the strongest hero in the game.
He should lose ailment protection altogether but at least make it dispelable ffs.
It’s by far the strongest tank in V and double formation paired with Hathor

This is a thread calling for Aramis to receive a buff :muscle:

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Boost 40% health to all allies, deal damage to all enemies equal to 120% the heal done by this special skill.


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Resuscitation could be something could added?

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All of those heroes that didn’t receive the stat boost a couple of months ago should all be receiving a buff. What $nG is doing is the opposite of a nerf, just buff the hell out of all the other heroes till those that didnt recieve a stat boost is obsolete and of course, they do the nerfs right after they feature them in a portal


I think they’re not nerfing as much anymore, they’re learning that lesson.

I really think Aramis should be buffed now so he doesn’t fall behind

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Ikr, 4 turns undispellable ailments shield, let’s go!

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Yes he needs the buff!

Change hit 3 to hit all

Direct Damage 700%

Boost health 100% from damage

Average speed to very fast

Undispellable ailment immunity for 6 turns

Stat increase by 30%

That should do it… for now, he is just to mehhhhhh! Buff him more please!


This might be sufficient, great job :+1:

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