Buff - Anzogh

Please buff Anzogh to get him off the bench and make him more relevant in the game today …

Why are you making all of these in general discusion instead of the dedicated hero balance section? And maybe some suggestions for improvements would be nice imo

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Because I couldn’t find a dedicated Buff thread for Anzogh following @Petri posting

And with so many heroes needing a buff (in my opinion) you are going to get lots of posts

Reading what @Petri said one thread for a hero buff and one thread for a hero nerf = max two threads fir in this example Anzogh (but not sure why anyone would want to nerf him!!!) …

To be fair once I created the threads I was coming back to populate them with my suggestion / recommendation but starting to run out of time.

Please feel free to fill your boots

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A sub category of ideas/feature requests is now dedicated to hero balance requests. Someone has now moved your threads there.

I have adjusted the title to show that this is a buff request.

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Agree… anzogh’s low attack and low special skill percentage makes him very weak among today’s heroes

Yes please buff anzogh 1000 likes :slight_smile:

You’re biased sir. They should buff Anzogh for everyone EXCEPT @Draerius . If D gets a buffed Anzogh he will take over the world.



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Anzogh his graphics ask for additional skills in comparison of his current special.

There are too many alliances that use purple tanks and Anzogh can be a tipping point to is red tanks .

Anzogh needs

  • stronger defence /health ( slightly)
  • first special : dispel all buff/alignment from all enemies
  • increase % health on his special (significant)
  • change link into: defence up iso only blue. For red heroes. (Family all heroes)

This way Anzogh can be more of a tank and the link ensures tactical choices in whether or not adding a family member in war defence.

Hope more people will join and agree with me.

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We’re very close, Stranger. Ideally, I think the following would be an appropriate buff to Anzogh:

-Add dispel all buffs as the first item in his special.
-Either increase his attack stat or increase his damage percentage, as either would have the same effect on his special. (Wouldn’t say no to both, though. :grinning:)
-Increase the heal percentage. It doesn’t need to be a lot, but some would be nice. I understand that the red “theme” is damage over healing.
-Slight increases to defense and hp, just as part of the modernization.

I have Anzogh at E20 and he is still in the core of my red A squad, with a level 30 mana troop. I do run him with Zim, so he does very decent damage with her buff. I actually think his element link is good as it stands. The protection against blue has saved my bacon many times.


I can relate to what you are saying and the link can remain as is as I wild like to have him buffed to a real tank. The dispel all is a very urgent additional special . Or… he dispels and put it on all Alleys . Even when one enemy has a buff :grinning:. Anyway a tank that dispels , gives damage to all and heal slightly more to all with increased shield and heart and attack would make him a tank everybody wants and will move from 1/1 to maxed/ emblemed and limit broken !

Why dispel all buffs for anzogh? Remember he is a wizard and jinx to trigger requires buffs, maybe a cleanse rather than dispel? This would ruin his synergy on offense with wilbur.

I am biased here as @Muchacho has mentioned, i have 2 anzogh LB so any buff is welcomed.


Do you have options in stead of dispel ? Remember GKong is also a cleanser. And I have GKong. Sure everybody wishes something one don’t have . Can you name a red cleaner? Meaning : not a new hard to get hero but one that everybody might have . That is why I put dispel on Anzogh buff. He needs to be an A tank minimal so alliances might consider other color tanks than purple

He works quite well as a tank already. When I use mine there I still stay in diamond happily.

Of course like @Draerius I am biased too mine is also LB and sees constant use.

If he was to be buffed I don’t think he needs a huge amount. Possibly some stat boost, or an update to his damage % to make him more comparable to newer heroes, but he doesn’t need anything major and I think there are definitely other heroes in more desperate need than he is.

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I am not talking about raids but In wars. Anzogh is crushed easily. If he would be buffed than he might be a good alternative to switch to … reds

Yeah I haven’t seen him effective as a war tank, but I do use him as a flank cause my red options are fairly poor. Really just have Anzogh, Anzogh, zagrog, Elena+costume, khagan+costume, reg marjana and reg azlar. Oh and 28 rings if you know of a red that needs a home.

His damage % is kind of low compared to like Kong, Kong was changed from slow to average with no change to the damage % for example. So a bit of a bump there, maybe healing could be higher for Anzogh and keep 20% for other heroes if you want him to be more of a tank… But that would be a design change and more complicated than just making it like 25%.

On offense the Wilbur, Anzogh, Anzogh does some serious damage but in reality a non costume (or with costume) Kong is better in that scenario, most likely those 3 will kill everything while Anzoghs generally will kill off stuff that was hurt with tiles and leave others at low health.

I use the Kong comparison cause it is another red average hit all hero from a similar time frame as Anzogh, so power should be similar.

You have my vote!
Something like this in my opinion will be really good without changing his theme:

I wanted to get him from last SE but he felt underwhelming

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Been overthinking a lot about Anzogh lately, probably because he’s such a perplexing hero to me. And, maybe because I think he’s a good example of the challenges that come with balancing heroes in general.

I imagine on paper, he looks perfectly balanced. But in practice, at least with my roster, he just doesn’t quite work. He’s like this odd support hero who needs support. I’ve tried him on wing, flank, tank. Paired him with Wilbur, tried him with Falcon, tried him as a secondary healer, primary healer, attack up, defense down, you name it. Yet everywhere I put him, even fully emblemed, he’s just so… meh.

The puzzling part, at least for me, is that he has so much going for him. I mean, he’s got a cool special. Cool art. Cool passive. Even his animation is cool. I guess, if anything, I’d call him a triumph of style over substance.

Perhaps it’s simply a case of over-expectations, a dated hero in a changing meta, but I dunno, even when he was new he didn’t seem to work, and that’s the part that puzzled me, because looking at his card, he should. But, looking a bit deeper, I think there’s something fundamentally flawed in his design — at least from a defensive perspective. And, while you can usually address some of these issues with emblems, even that didn’t seem to work.

If emblemed for attack to increase his effectiveness as a healer/attacker, he’s not quite defensive enough for frontline duty — even with my very limited roster. That relegated him to wing. But on wing, his special works against him. At average speed, by the time he goes off, there are typically fewer opponents to hit, fewer allies to heal. So, his special is less effective.

At flank, I felt he needed to be emblemed a bit more defensively to survive, but that comes at the expense of attack, so his special is less effective.

At tank, he seemed to need much more defense/health to survive, and once again, his special suffers.

To me, all of this cuts to the heart of balancing heroes. Numerically, yes, he’s balanced. Want better attack? That comes at the expense of health or defense. Want better defense? That comes at the expense of attack. Makes perfect sense.

But, for Anzogh in particular, because the effectiveness of his special is tied to attack AND needing to fire sooner in a match, no matter how he’s emblemed, it seems to work against him. It’s weird. It’s almost like the more you improve his stats, the more average he becomes.

Ultimately, he just seems thwarted at every turn. And, that’s a shame.
He really is an intriguing hero.

Apologies for the long post! And obviously, your experience may be different. It could simply be that his base attack is too low. Fix that and everything else falls in line. But, where’s the fun in over-thinking that? :grinning:

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Mine is E20, so I obviously like him already. The dispel buffs is for fighting against riposte and taunt enemies. Obviously, both of those seriously ruin his special.

I like Anzogh but I’ve always thought they should do something similar with his special like Skadi. Where the more dead enemies the more his special increases. And his heal should be increased to something like 30% of damage dealt

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