Buff Anzia from Ice Contest of Elements

Buff Anzia from Ice Elemental Summons. Hachiko Is same mana speed but damages, gives crit & counter to all. Anzia does nothing but give a buff that can be blocked, dispelled or stolen at average mana not even fast mana. Even the 4* Amzia from dunes at least heals. This hero should both hit all at 250% damage and give mana on counter to all allies not just blue. After all she’s still dispellable. Or her effect is made undispellable or she’s made a very fast mana hero. But currently she’s worth less than many 4s and 3s out there. Very disappointing hero

This is really an exaggeration.

The heal is quite small and the main difference is that Anzia gives the buffs to all, while Azmia only to nearby.

I don’t say she should not be buffed, but for sure she is not worth less than 4s and 5s. Here are also some positive reviews about her:

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I just have to add costume Boril gives counterattack to all :sweat_smile:


Nerf Costume Boril :stuck_out_tongue:


I got her last time and she’s collecting dust now. She’s a better version of C.Boril, nothing more.
She’s inferior to every other 5* counter-attacker. Counter-attack to all does not save her face.
As pointed out, in comparison to Hachiko she’s just plain garbage, and she’s supposed to be even rarer.
Kinda disappointing.

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I have her on max +18 currently and been playing around with her (sounds wrong, I know :laughing:). In offense, she really outshines all riposte heroes. Especially when using blue stack or 3-2.

But I do agree she is borderline worthy of being such rare hero. She has more the performance of a seasonal hero and not of a “super-elemental star”.

Maybe adding first a cleansing step to the own team, before applying the counterattack, so that the buff blockers don’t get a hold on her. And make the riposte undispellable for all ice heroes.


Ummm….how about no.

Hmm…yea ok. Very fast riposte. No thanks.

Have you met Exeera? The Ice 5* hero that is completely useless in Contest of Elements event?


Not bad… not bad at all… I LOVE HER. Saved me multiple times already and is often one of the last heroes standing.
But still, small buff (small mana increase to all; moderate mana increase to ice heroes) would be welcome.

Exeera is not completely useless! You could take her with all healing potions on lower levels and work the board

Agree. There should be Hero Balance thread for both the Blue Contest of Elements Heroes.

Comparing with the other elements, including the upcoming Dark Heroes, the Ice Contest of Elements Heroes are at the bottom in terms of usability ranking. Their skills are too specific for either a mono blue team or against a red hero.