Buff all S1 and S2 heroes and give Krampus, Vela, Telluria and others their original stats

Buff all S1 and S2 heroes and give Krampus, Vela, Telluria and others their original stats

I agree with everything except for Krampus. As a Krampus owner myself, I don’t think there is anything wrong with him, he’s a support hero that does his job very well. I think the minions the holiday heroes spawn should be reverted back to their original stats however because many new 4* spawn minions with two to three times as much HP, and that is bogus.


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agree, buff all old heroes back to their original stats before nerf, include boss wolf in beta format.

they might OP back then, but right now they become normal and not OP, so they at least can compete with current meta and don’t render obsolete.

How was beta Boss Wolf?

i wasn’t in beta but i heard that his mana speed maybe slow or average, but made become v.slow after release so he and guinevere (which was super tank at that time) won’t dominate the defense and destroyed the game balance.

any beta tester here that can give info about boss wolf pre release @PlayForFun ?

I do not know what we did in Beta phase as it was happened very long time ago.

I have just found this balance update about him:


Agree with what you say …
But be careful what we ask for when “buffs” are offered via costumes or now a proposed second costume for classic heroes…
The only exception I have would be Krampus…. I have him at +20 and LB and he works very very well

Bring back the 4 turn taunt like Kara, he will still not an op hero I think

I agree with buffing the obsolete season 1 Heroes. But the buff I believe they should receive is that they get adopted into the families that exist or have new families created to accommodate them.

Do we ever get new votes because I have noticed that we have only a limited number of votes?

I don’t think we ever get new votes, I always have to go back and see if there is anything I want to remove my vote for…

If u run out of votes, click the notification that says u run out of votes, then u can revisit all the threads u gave votes before, u can cancel previous voted given on another thread, and voila, u got ur vote ability back

Such a strange system.

Such a stupid system.

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