Buff/Ailment Reduction in Towers Doesn't Make Sense

So something just occurred to me about the tower’s 2 turn reduction for allies’ buffs and targets’ ailments.

Ludwig’s mana buff goes from 16/17% increments to 25%.
Wolfgang’s boosted health goes off after 2 turns.
Gullinbursti’s hit goes off at the end of the same turn.
C. Rigard’s heal goes from 609hp over 3 turns to 203hp for one turn.
Khufu’s passive goes from 252 damage over 3 turn to 84 damage for one turn.

The first three clearly have their effects compressed by the buff reduction. So why don’t most DOTs and HOTs?

Ludwig in particular stands out as analogous. If his buff worked like DOTs and HOTs, then the mana buff should cap at +67% mana in the tower. But no, the amounts of the mana boosts compensate for the reduced buff duration. Now to be fair, this makes sense, because the card says on the last turn 100% mana is achieved. And Gullinbursti’s hit triggers “when the effect ends.” But Wolfgang’s card specifically says his boosted health happens “after 4 turns.”

So for specials that heal A hp over B turns, or deal C damage over D turns, why isn’t A compressed into B-2 turns? Why isn’t C damage compressed into D-2 turns? By the above logic, it should be.

Now to be clear, this turns on the wording of the card - for example, Lughaidh’s card heals “180hp per turn,” so he shouldn’t be affected. But the vast majority of HOTs and DOTs should.

That’s an interesting thought. You’re right that clearly the game takes the written wording in some cases.

Unfortunately I think the answer is that how the game is programmed and how the skills are written don’t always jive.

Good insight.

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