Buff Aeron - expand cleanse and resist to all allies

First, to the mods, I want to say that yes, I did search the Ideas and Features Requests sections, and didn’t see a similar thread, so apologies if I just missed it. I was shocked that there wasn’t a buff Aeron thread. I actually came here planning to vote on one, not create me own. I digress…

We were talking in our alliance about purple leveling priorities, and when Aeron came up, no one could really make an argument for him. At this point, I would rather take a costumed Rigard in to a battle than Aeron. His heal over time is very weak in the current meta and the cleanse and ailment protection only applying to “nearby” really limits his usefulness.

So, I think Aeron could really use a buff to make him relevant in the game after so many heroes have passed him by. I think expanding his cleanse and status ailment resist to all allies would at least put him on par with costume Rigard. The heal over time for all allies would still be weak, but at least cleansing/preventing damage over time should offset that.

If Grazul gets to protect all and slightly heal all immediately at very fast, then I don’t think it’s unreasonable to have Aeron’s ability do something similar at average mana speed.


I focused on comparing Aeron to costume Rigard, but you’re right, Grazul is another good comparison

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One thing to remember, though, is that Aeron’s ailment shield is undispellable, which is also pretty powerful.

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Please add an upgrade to Aeron to where he affects all allies. He is as we know one of the most disappointing Hero’s out there, an upgrade will be an Amazing twist to the game! Please consider. Thank You.

Bring another healer who heals all, you need to support another healer. I always attack with 3+2 and with two different colored healer and with this tactic I can also keep one slow hero in the team and I like to keep

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Actually, most of the old HOTMs (first generation, especially) suffer from passe stats and skills, as well as the absence of Element Link and passive abilities. I would vote for it if it included all past and very old HOTMs. Thot, Perseus are among those who needed some love. I don’t have them though. Also would love to have Hel and Zeline.


I am disappointed with all the upgrades not including the past Hotm’s and I think this Gentleman says it all!

To the coward who said some out of the game coward stuff feel free to find me on line @ crocket1400 we can further meet up and finish our conversation

… i think it would be fine if you push Aeron.
for me he is really one of the weakest 5* there in game.

I concur, I’m a C2P and he’s the only hotm I got. He could really use a buff OR a COSTUME :slight_smile:
Please could we get some traction on Aeron buff request SG ?


They do so many nerfs and ups on heroes, wouldn’t Aeron be worthy of a good up?
He as is, is a complete useless, even a four-star curator of the first season is better than the Aeron.

Looking at the trend of things here, maybe his costume would spread some of his skills to all allies🤔.
After all some new and faster heroes do something similar! ----anyway, I’m just looking at the practical perspective of buffing him vs realistic benefit to SGG in this dispensation!

But frankly, I do not consider him useless, although I do not have him, but if I do, I will put him to good use on offense instead of defense where I often see him as a potential tile dump! His undispellable ailment shield to 3 is a powerful skill when put to good use on offense!

Costume would mean spending more money with less than 0.1% odds lol. Buff would be more appropriate but sounds unlikely anyway

They really did Aeron the side of underpowered with this hero.

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It says something when a season one 4s is rigarded as a better hero.

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The 5* isn’t even nipping at the heals of the 4*.

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I don’t have this hero, nor am I entirely sure where to start with him. I just empathize with people who have him. He, IMO is literally the worst HotM. Truthfully, I suspect most people who still had him ate him, put him in HA, or fed him to SE.

What I think would be GREAT, again as an impartial judge, would be to make him on par with the new event heroes as a big thank you to anyone who kept him. I mean talk about hanging in there.

That big light at the end of the tunnel would be fantastic for them! Let’s see some ideas to make Aeron unstoppable!


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He might be the worst 5* healer in the game. He should at least cleanse and protect everyone.

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My suggested buff is this:

:up: Cleanse status ailments from all allies.
All allies regenerate 459 HP over 3 turns.
:new: Recovers 20% health for all allies.
:up: All allies are immune to new status ailments for 3 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled
Element Link gives all Dark allies + 5% attack and + 5% defense for 6 turns This effect can’t be dispelled.