Buddy vs kashrek

In AW I am lower/mid level and use kashrek as a tank, will buddy be a “better” tank than kashrek?

Kashhrek is a great tank. Full stop—not really useful in any other role.

Buddy could be an equally great tank—he certainly has the stats for it—but will also be great against blue titans and in some offenses. His attack stat is low, but he more than makes up for that in his durability.

Is he better than Kashhrek at tank? He has a significantly higher defense, same HP, and casts minions, which effectively act as healing (and also adds HP to heroes not yet injured). He lacks K’s annoying red shield, though, making him less durable in the face of a couple of red attackers.

Net balance: Buddy is not as good a tank but is a better hero overall.


I’d go buddy over kash. But i simply prefer tanks that damage over heal. Healing tanks(not counting guin) dont stop players from loading up mana for special skills by using the healing tank as an easy way to charge mana with no consequences. Worst He’ll do against the opponent is heal already full heros and give them a fire defense against special skills that probly wont be fire.

Where as tanks that deal damage back or some other negative consequence provide more of a threat and with just an average or worse board you try to avoid hitting them as much as you can since if they fire they’ll further hinder your chances of winning the match.

It’s what makes grave or drake or yunan decent tanks and normally a bigger challenge than say vivica. Or how li xiu or gormek would be a bigger threat to me than kash.


There are many solid 4* healers. Buddy is hands down a better hero. Once you have a fully developed roster kashwreck will be forgotten. Also, you don’t see him much in the higher scoring event teams and you will NEVER consider using him against a red TITAN so the red shield doesn’t do much for you there. Buddy on the other hand would be quite strong in the events and against TITANS. Perhaps a wash in raids between the two.

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I also drew evelyn so kashrek doesn’t know it yet but me and him will be breaking up as soon as possible.


What the heck.I stopped leveling kashrek and lianna and started working on evelyn. Then today I receive an epic token in my raid chest. I use the token and it summons mother north. In 5 days I went to being proud of kashrek to now wondering about evelyn ,lianna, mother north and buddy
Now what do I work on? Hansel is my only fully level nature hero

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Dance with utter joy?


Yup. Dance for joy. Hansel is excellent, and all the ones you have are as well.

And stop leveling Kashhrek right now. As @Kerridoc said, he’s a defensive tank. Not good for anything else.

The good news is that you pretty much have all the best nature heroes in the game except Alberich (Mother North does a lot of what he does), and Tarlak.

But who first?

Buddy is a 4* hero, and that’s good – 4* heroes are faster to level up than 5* heroes, and don’t take as much food, which you may well run short on starting out. Nothing wrong with doing him first.

Of the others, Lianna is a hero who really doesn’t show her full potential if she gets stuck at 3/70. Evelyn and Mother North would probably both be more useful that way; I wouldn’t do Lianna first.

If you haven’t started working on or finished a good 4* or 5* healer, I’d suggest Mother North first.

Evelyn does a lot of damage, and her dispel is really useful too. She’d also be a great choice, especially if you are short good offensive heroes.

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Thanks, exactly my instinct. I am one of those who uses enemy healers to manna up, placing healer in the center helps too! I’ll now go forth and work on Buddy!


Karshrek is only really good until platinum. I remember having so much trouble dealing with him at gold. But once I got Proteus, he’s a pushover.

Kash served nothing except being a shield meat , Buddy provide more utilities as tank , debuffer , support.

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Yup I’d take buddy over kash only because he’s taken me out in raids more with those explosive gifts. Kash has also given me some VERY frustrating war hits when he is backed by the dreaded field aid. All in all they both excellent as one is for attacking and the other is a defensive amphibian wall for a 3 red stack team somewhere in the near future.

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