Buddy & Talent Tree

I have identified Buddy as a hero I will finish the talent tree on.

Conventional wisdom says, that in order for a hero to be the most “damage before dying”, we should upgrade as follows:

Should I switch it up for Buddy?

However, since Buddy’s elf minions rely directly on Buddy’s calculated ATK & HP, is it more beneficial to take another path in upgrading his statistics through the talent tree? Which path would you take?



Please list your priority and reasoning. All input and trolling is welcome!

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Buddy’s attack is mediocre, so that’s something that emblems would definitely help him out on. He already has high health, so I’d make HP less important myself. Minions, in my experience, die pretty quickly, and I don’t see emblems affecting that by much in the long run.

An attack boost will make the minions more dangerous though, and since they attack every turn they will add a nice bite to your team.

I’d go ATK > DEF > HP myself with him


I love my little Buddy, he’s getting lots of emblems.

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