Buddy system

I recently convinced a few of my co-workers (6 of them) to join E&P. But now they all keep asking me questions about the game. I don’t mind answering these, but it gave me an idea.

What if devs implement a buddy system?

After the tutorial there still is a lot to discover and new players might still be a little startled In the beginning and Global Chat is a joke if you want to ask for help. So they can ask for a buddy.

Senior players get the option to be a buddy (to a self chosen number of newbies. 1 or 2, maybe 3) and help them with their process up to a certain level. They will guide them through the game and see the student grow. Maybe even recruit them for their alliance.

On the other hand, the student gains a lot. He or she learns about the game, has a mentor to have his or her back and let’s not forget about the social part.

I’ve personally experienced this in another game I played in the past. And although me and my mentor both quit that game, we still talk every now and then.

I see a lot of players here, who are more then willing to help others (I was thinking of you for example @Rook ) and this would help new players a lot.

Let me know what you guys think.

Someone invited me to participate on a Line chat with her alliance of players new to the game. It has been a very rewarding experience.

Maybe connect willing game veterans with training alliances?

Refer them to this wiki https://sites.google.com/site/empiresandpuzzlesrpgwiki/home

It has a lot of info that noobs ask all the time :slight_smile:

Good idea. Agreed. I am in need of a mentor :grinning:

And maybe they can refer this page as well and use more links

Yeah, put noobs from the get-go in a training alliance and give willing veterans the opportunity to mentor the complete alliance (2 or 3 veterans per alliance). Only to participate in the chat, not attack the titan.
Gives the people who finished the map and only farm and attack titans an extra dimension. Maybe even reward the mentors.

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I don’t mind a tutor attacking the Titan. It’s helpful for new players to see what six months of playing can achieve (though honestly showing pics in Line might demonstrate that better).

They just shouldn’t carry the show; it’s THEIR alliance, they need to participate! :grin:

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