Buddy over Joon?

This is my current def team

And it works better than this

We using red tanks in wars so my questioinis,
Should I replace Joon with Buddy in my war team? Or I should build diffrent team?
My roster:

I’ll be quite honest. I really don’t understand the “Buddy hype” as I’m calling it here on the forums. The first Christmas event I got three of him. I fed two of them off and never leveled the third.

I’d use Joon… but to be fair, I have a maxed joon and never played with buddy so I cant compare. My general conclusion is that a maxed 5 star lasts longer than a maxed 4 star just because of the more health/defense/attack.

That being said, if you’re fighting a team where a sniper causing blindness is less useful than an elf that carpet bombs 3 heroes… I guess go with buddy


Main issue with Joon, he is squeeshie and you already have good wings where he shines.

Buddy is a nice platinum tank but not a good flanck, plus if you put two greens in your war def you re an opportunity for both blue and red stack.

Then consider joon.


I would go with Joon. He’s a great hero and you want to avoid stacking on D.

For those saying they don’t get the “Buddy hype,” a big reason for his popularity is because he’s the only Green hero that drops defense.


Buddy for blue titans and maybe on epic tournaments without red or bloody battles, Joon all the time and almost everywhere.


I’d switch marjana and Joon in that defense. Your yellow troop is very low level and Joon is very weak on the defense stat. Having marjana in front of him would protect him better.


MotherNorth magni marjana hel joon for war


Whut!? You guys missed his fully lvld Renfeld… he’s gotta fit in somewhere.


In my honest opinion, I would go with Joon, 100%
Good luck

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Sure, but we can not see his unleveled purples to decide in which hero’s stomach he should be. :man_shrugging:

Lmao…20 belly heaves

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