Buddy grades a "B"?

Surprised by the B grade given to Buddy by Anchor on his hero grade list. I was under the impression he was top 5 as a 4 star hero. Any thoughts?

Agree with anchor. Buddy doesn’t hit hard enough. That’s his major weakness compared to ramming pulverizer trio

4* and 5* heroes are all graded as if they’re equal tier for that spreadsheet. 3* have their own criteria, but for both 4 and 5’s… they’re considered on equal footing. As such… nope. Buddy just doesn’t cut it as an A hero when next to the likes of Drake Fong, Sartana et.al.

That said… yeah, he’s a great hero and totally worth ascending! Just 'cause he aint cream of the crop don’t mean that he aint a Top Shelf Elf.


I think in the context of Anchor’s ratings this isn’t surprising, since Gormek and Tiburtus are B ranked too. Only Grimm is an A.

I respect the ratings guide, but I also think it’s worth noting that it considers heroes somewhat independently. Buddy on a titan team paired with high tile damage heroes will get great scores, even if Buddy alone will not.


Personally, a hero that worth it to be an A grade is a hero that u will mostly always bring on raid and act as a primary hero (such as caedmon or sonya)

For me buddy will be secondary and act as green stacking filler. I will priority to bring caedmon over buddy. So yeah that’s why i agree buddy is B rather than A


That’s why, at least in theory, there are separate categories for titans, offense, and defense.

I agree, Buddy is probably not the first offensive hero you’d reach for, and he is best used in a stack.

But once that premise is accepted, I think he’s one of the best heroes for stacking. I’m not sure how well the ratings really address that, in the same way that they don’t really address it for the pulverizer trio or some of the other core utility heroes that are useful when paired intelligently with other heroes.

In upshot, I wouldn’t consider his B rating as an indication that — when used right — he’s not one of the very best 4*.


I have Buddy fully maxed, and I agree with the grade. He’s absolutely solid, but, as others have already pointed out, his attack is lackluster. I’d say he’s more of a defensive hero since he’s very tanky.

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A grade for excellent
B grade for good.

Nothing in between such as A- or B+

So if i also have to choose to put him in A or B rank, then i agree with anchor, buddy more suitable in B rather than A.

Excellent 4* green that make huge impact such as hansel that given A rank.

When buddy put in B grade, doesn’t mean he is bad. He is still good but not extra super shining that make a very huge difference.

I think buddy can become an A grade if only his attack power is stronger


Coupled with Evelyne, Lianna, gregorion you’re wreaking havoc on blue Titan

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true but a 4th green on blue titans is a small percent of your game play. That’s literally the definition of “niche hero”.

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I was surprised on the titan portion of the grade Anchor mentioned bringing a Grimm. I don’t know why or how Grimm compares to Buddy on a Blue Titan.

Listing Buddy as a C at tank is peculiar, especially when considered alongside Gormek, Sumitomo, Guardian Falcon, Tiburtus and Proteus all rated as a B at Tank.

Buddy is one of the sturdiest 4* out there, he hits with a defense and attack down, and he kicks minions. He’s way sturdier than Proteus and Tiburtus. And his special definitely punishes an attacker at least as much as Gormek (whose damage, while slightly better, still sucks), Sumitomo, and Falcon (whose main benefit is really in red stacks, which doesn’t happen in defense).


His stats and skills put him in the same league as Gormek. This is consistent and true.
But grades should be taking in consideration other option instead using that hero for that role.

While Grimm is surely the best of the quartet due his attack stats, there’s plenty of defence reducer in blue zone that can take over his role.

Tiburtus and Buddy are unique in that, and this should weight on an overall grade, making them an A and not a B.

So the only B i actually see is Gormek that is easily outclassed by Wilbur.


The chemistry and interactions of certain heroes don’t occur in a vacuum. I’ve noted that about many of these Anchor grades. Take them with a grain of salt, and every new HOTM SG releases just makes the grain bigger.

I think the guide is probably already obsolete and classes are only a few months off.

Buddy is an A on Titans and probably better than C tank on Defense if you’ve got the composition to get the mileage from him. Weak tile damage from an attack stat pays no service to the mechanics by which tile damage is calculated in the game.


Anchor grades are basically considering you have 5 heroes. Which one are the best in average in all situations.

If you have only 5 heroes to handle any titan situation or any offense situation he’s probably not the best choice.

But as it was said, he’s the only green defense debuffer, so in a green stack he will be better than most other defense debuff hero.

Anchor grades are not supposed to tell you which hero is better than any other in any circumstance, it’s telling you the opinion on 1 guy (helped by others) on the general use cases of a hero, not considering the rest of the team around.

To me buddy is definitely worth leveling for almost anyone as he will be useful in a big green stack (for instance if you take 4 greens along with wu against a titan you will probably take eve buddy and 2 others like a hitter and a healer).
Until there is a new 5* defense debuff green hero who pops out and buddy will become somehow obsolete if you have him.

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Anchor’s hero grades are a great resource for new players. It was generous to share them, typical of a player who seems genuinely nice.

But they’re subjective, primarily opinion based. This probably has to be the case - comparing attack, defence and health stats is a (relatively) simple process, but it’s insanely difficult to figure out a way objectively to compare specials, to weight for mana speed, and to account for hero synergies.

So it’s fine to disagree. Different strokes.


Don’t get bothered by grades given by anyone.

Buddy, as any other heroes, can deserve A+ or Z- depending on the composition he’s in.

If you think that Buddy would fit your team, just up him.


what would you mix buddy with and what position would you put buddy with
if you wanted to try and make as many xmass trees possible,
four other spots are open for any hero

Cup lvl is so important, when looking at grades. I have a maxed buddy as my tank, and he has upped my daily cup starting point by 150 cups, ie I used to wake up and start around 1950-2000 cups now I rarely drop below 2100, this has coincidentally been the same point I finally got a 4* maxed defence. But I’m certainly not saying he is a A grade tank because as has been previously stated 4* and 5* are compared as equals, and he is no guin or gm… He can take some big hits from snipers thou

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Not only is it peculiar, it makes me question if he’s out of touch with the game and I want to comb over all the grades he’s given. Maybe someone else needs to do grades.


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