Buddy generates less mana than LJ during rush attack

First hit - https://youtu.be/vT_GevanUMs

no mana talents, rush attack tournament, no sorc. Buddy charges less mana or loses more mana to li xiu than LJ.

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oh im dumb, costume bonus


I don’t think mana from costume bonus is enough.

rush attack = all skill to very fast
Very fast need minimum 9% mana regen bonus to affect

Costume have only +5% mana regen bonus and barbarian talent have only +2% mana regen bonus. (max +7%)

It is impossible for Little John that he can charge mana with less tile than Buddy in rush attack if there is no bug.

You’d think that, but my costume Kiril +20 get charged before my Frank and Jott.

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yeah but li xiu takes away mana which is made up by LJ but not buddy

@Chadmo I think because of mana reduction and mana regen reduction cause that to happen.

@Nervicii I forgot about Li Xiu. After I watch the video again and count the green tile. Little John get full charge after 9 tile.

Very fast use 6.5 tile. Li Xiu use skill 2 times mean any very fast skill need 6.5*1.4=9.1

Little John with +5% mana regen from costume will get 9*1.05=9.45 > 9.1, so he can get full charge after 9 tile.
And Buddy with no mana regen bonus will need 10 tile to get full charge.

It look like the table work for only with no mana reduction and mana regen reduction.


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